10 Places In India Which Can Beat Some Of The Exotic Foreign Gateways

Updated on 1 Sep, 2014 at 7:16 pm


Whenever the eagerness to start earning dawns up in our minds, the want to travel around the world ignites like never before! However, in the recent time, there’s been a tendency noticed among the Indians of wanting to travel around the whole wide world. While we’re definitely not against this idea, we’d sincerely want each one of you to have a thorough taste of our own country before venturing out. So, here we’ve a list of those places in India which can very well give a tough competition to some of the exotic foreign locales. Read on to know more—

10. Pondicherry

If you’re a sucker for architecture and the French one at that, come on! You neither have to go all the way to France or even Saigon in Vietnam to get a glimpse of that! The former French Colony, Pondicherry, will give your eyes a grand treat as far as the architecture is concerned. French Colony, Pondicherry And, if you want an extra dollop, don’t forget to get a bicycle ride around Auroville and have coffee in those vintage French styled cafés overlooking the sea! Pondicherry

9. Nainital

If you’re craving to walk on a natural carpet of flowers, don’t bother to go all the way to Japan for a stroll in the Japanese flower gardens. Nainital A weekend trip to Nainital is sufficient enough to let this crave satiate! Nainital

8. Thar Desert


We understand the adventure you can sniff while reading about those escapades across the Sahara desert in novels and stories. But, we promise and sincerely believe that a trip along the sand dunes of the Thar Desert can present you with equal thrill and adventure. Thar Desert And yes, don’t forget to add in a dash of rural, country songs that you’re bound to hear from your guides! Thar Desert

7. Chitrakut Falls in Madhya Pradesh

The Niagara Falls might be your dream destination, but the Chitrakut Falls in Madhya Pradesh will, too, leave you awestruck at its magnificence.  Chitrakut Falls in Madhya Pradesh Plus, add in the rocky terrain and simply minus those sky-scrappers (which is bound to attract your attention while you’re at Niagara)—simply out of the world it is!  Chitrakut Falls in Madhya Pradesh

6. Rann of Kutch in Gujarat

Why don’t you just visit our Rann of Kutch in Gujarat to visualize the vast stretches of salt land spreading across in a serene calm before visiting the exotic Bonneville Salt Flats in the United States? Rann-of-Kutch-in-Gujarat If you don’t want to kill your bank while enjoying an exotic location at the same time, this place is highly recommended to you. Rann-of-Kutch-in-Gujarat

5. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Yeah! We know your fantasy for roaming around in a carefree fashion in the beaches of Hawaii! We also know your love for the exquisite beaches around Madagascar (which crept in after watching the Madagascar films), but you could as well do it up with our Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Andaman and Nicobar Islands And, if you want it to be a tad bit more exclusive, then waiting are the coral beaches of Lakshadweep for you! coral beaches of Lakshadweep

4. Desi Beaches Of Goa

Who doesn’t wanna get it a bikini or a short and relax at the beaches of California, or, indulge in some water action at the beaches of Brazil? Desi Beaches Of Goa But, before that, you can very well try the (not so) desi beaches of Goa, or even Gokarna for that matter! You’d fall in love, we bet! Desi Beaches Of Goa

3. Flower Valley in Uttaranchal

We hear that you’ve been a sucker for natural colors and the Antelope Valley (US) features atop your bucket list? Flower Valley in Uttaranchal Well, why don’t you trek up the mammoth Himalayas and land up at the beautiful Flower Valley in Uttaranchal? The place is a dream, to say the least! Flower Valley

2. Dandeli, Bangalore

Before indulging in river rafting at the Futaleufu River in Chile, we’d urge you to make a trip to Dandeli near Bangalore! Dandeli, Bangalore And, if you want a tougher bet, then say three cheers to river rafting at Teesta in Sikkim/West Bengal! Teesta in Sikkim

1. Kashmir


Kashmir is not called the Paradise on Earth just for nothing! We’re sorry to say this, but yes, even an unkempt Kashmir can give Switzerland a tough competition! Kashmir And, yes, while in Kashmir, don’t forget to go on a trek (or horse ride) to “Mini Switzerland” or Baisaran atop Pahalgam—you might as well forget Switzerland, to say the least! Kashmir