10 Love Story Films In Bollywood That We Cannot Forget

3:00 am 26 Aug, 2014


Since its inception in the early 20th century, the Bombay film industry has lend a magical touch in every Indian’s life. You may hate or love the film industry, but ignoring Hindi films is simply not in your forte. Although every year innumerable films are released on the silver screen, it is always the love stories produced, that touch the hearts of all the Indians. From the chemistry between the lead pairs to the song and dance sequences, and a feel-good plot, we simply heart each and every part of these classic love stories, isn’t it? In this list, we shall pick out our favorite classic Hindi love stories—

10. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

A cult classic by Yash Chopra, DDLJ, as it is famously known as, is perhaps the favorite movie of more than half of India’s population. The great chemistry, the inherent Indianness and a love-until-we-die attitude make this film a must watch for everyone! And, boy! Don’t we simply love the music? Numerous films may come, create a cult status and go, but there can never be another film of this caliber. Yash Chopra, take a bow, sir!

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge



9. Mughal-E-Azam

With such a strong plot, such great and powerful actors in the lead roles, such brilliant music and famous dialogues, can this film ever be anything less than a great classic? For all the hearts in love, Pyar kiya to darna kya instills a new bout of power and strength to fight all the odds against their love! All these along with Madhubala’s eternal beauty make this film a soul-catcher!


8. Daag: A Poem of Love

Is love only about spending the life with the person you love? Well, we may have different opinions about it, but in filmy language, “another name for love is sacrifice”. And, this film is simply a elucidation of that. Plus, the great star cast comprising of Rajesh Khanna, Rakhee and Sharmila Tagore make this film an endearing watch!

Daag: A Poem of Love

7. Kabhie Kabhie

Whenever we think of this film, Mukesh’s melodious voice, singing the title track, echo in our minds. The film’s first part is indeed like one of those poems that Amitabh Bachchan’s character pens down. However, what interests us the most is the fact the film doesn’t showcase one but weaves 3 love stories beautifully in this!

Kabhie Kabhie

6. Silsila

Yet another cult classic, Silsila plays the notion that sacrifice is a synonym of love! But what makes this film one of the best love stories ever made is that it brings out human psychology to the forefront in a great way that hardly any film till date have ever been able to do! So, you’ve got yet another reason to love Yash Chopra, haven’t you?


5. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

Can there be a better weaver of love stories than the bard himself? Well, this film is an Indian version of Romeo and Juliet and starred the then newcomers Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla. Well, the new pair did it and made it one of the famous films ever!

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

4. Dev D

Sarat Chandra Chatterjee’s Devdas with a twist makes the new-age classic Dev D! Directed by Anurag Kashyap, the film proves yet another time the timelessness of this classic novel!

Dev D

3. Love Aaj Kal

Love story with a twist, eh? Yes, that’s Love Aaj Kal all about. With two different love stories from two eras going side by side, this film was a welcome change from the clichéd love stories we Indians we used to!

PS. Rishi Kapoor did it once again!

Love Aaj Kal

2. Chhoti Si Baat

Do you think love stories always have to be poignant and serious? If you thought alike, then kindly watch this film. With an “ordinary” man as the hero in love with yet another ordinary film, this film can never be passed off as anything “ordinary”. All these topped off with the brilliant acting from the characters and even better music, indeed casted magic on us!

Chhoti Si Baat

1. Pyaasa

Yes, once again we had to keep the best one at the last! This Guru Dutt classic needs no introduction. We can only say that we’re lucky to have a film like this made in our film industry!



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