10 Indian Superstitions Associated With Shooting Stars

3:00 pm 17 Jul, 2014

Superstitions and India go hand in hand, don’t they? However much educated you are and a true blue practical person, you just can’t stay in peace when you see an owl at night. We’ve actually seen too much of superstitions around us, in movies and everywhere possible to get it out of our minds. However, let’s try and forget them and one by one stop taking them seriously, please. Before that, look into these superstitions which were, and still are, associated with something as scientific as that of shooting stars:

10. That’s no Star, the God’s are peeping

It is believed by some people that the shooting stars are basically gods who are peeping at people on the surface of the Earth. Which is why, it is the best opportunity for us to wish whatever we want. They’ll be most approachable then, won’t they? This is your best chance. That’s no Star, the God’s are peeping

9. Oh Please, Don’t Let That Happen, Ever

A shooting star is also sometimes thought to be a signal of a bad omen. You can wish for it not to happen and that bad omen can be avoided. Hey, doesn’t this look like a complimentary one? We do feel so. Anyway, let’s hope for the best! Oh Please, Don’t Let That Happen, Ever

8. Where’s my hanky, damn!

Make a knot in your handkerchief when you see a shooting star. That brings you good luck. For that, you need to keep a handkerchief with you on the first hand. Only a shooting star is not enough you see. Where’s my hanky, damn!

7. Hey Someone Find me a Stone, Quick!

When you look at a shooting star and you pick up a stone, it brings you great luck. Too bad if you’re on your verandah sipping a cup of coffee! Do keep a stone alongside. You never know when or where. Hey Someone Find me a Stone, Quick!

6. The Big Bollywood Shooting Star

If one makes a wish while looking at a shooting star, than that wish will come true. This is the one which you have heard most, right? We’re actually surrounded by this superstition all through. Remember Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Their wishes will, however, almost always come true. The Big Bollywood Shooting Star

5. Death, Demise

Looking at a shooting star can also indicate the death of someone close to you. This is perhaps the least believed of all the others. Who likes to believe this? None. Death, Demise

4. It’s time for some War

Shooting stars can also bring about wars and destruction and all that you hate to hear of. It’s time for some War

3. I’ve reached my Destiny

Seeing shooting stars is a sign of reaching or coming close to one’s destiny. Better be careful of your destiny. Also, select another destiny that is to be reached, what if you become ambitionless after this? I’ve reached my Destiny

2. The Bad, Disgusting, Darn Shooting Star

Well, some believe that seeing a shooting star may bring you bad luck as well. Now it’s up to you to decide, which one you want to follow or believe or not believe! We recommend the previous one, any day. The Bad, Disgusting, Darn Shooting Star

1. The Good, Old Shooting Star

Seeing a shooting star brings good luck for the one who is seeing. They don’t get to be seen that frequently, which makes them all the more precious. Seeing them is itself lucky for the one who is seeing it. It’s an astronomical happening firstly, and secondly, it’s highly superstitious. The Good, Old Shooting Star


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