10 Indian Stand-Up Comedians Who Will Rule 2014

10:00 am 27 Apr, 2014


Comedy is a genre that is appreciated and enjoyed by all of us. But when it comes to comedians, only those actors and actresses who play the comedy sides in films come to our minds. This is because, in India, like many things else, we didn’t have much scope for the stand-up comedians until recently when there seems to be an outburst of stand-up comedians on the Indian stage. So, now that there seems to be a flood of stand-up comedians around, whom to watch out for? To solve this dilemma of yours, here we have got a list of stand-up comedians who are going to rule 2014—

10. Sapan Verma

Before plunging headlong into the arena of stand-up comedy, he had been a freelance humor writer and had written numerous scripts for shows in many channels, including Channel V, UTV Bindaas, NDTV Goodtimes and a lot many lesser known channels and shows that even he dreads to recall! They say the best quality of any comedian is put forth then when he laughs at his own self—and Sapan Verma excels in this when he quips that even his students (yes! he’s a lecturer) fail to take him seriously, no matter how grave a subject he teaches them!

9. Praveen Kumar


Referred to as one of the best comedians around and included in the list of Top 10 Indian Stand-up Comedians by Times of India, Praveen Kumar career in stand-up comedy started back in 2009 when he set fire to the stage of Open Mics, Bangalore with his trade-mark antics and jigs, and since then, there has been no looking back. We’d let his catch phrase do all the talking: “If anything bad happens, I covert it into a joke!”

8. Aditi Mittal

If you thought that the bandwagon of stand-up comedians consists only male comedians, think twice for here we’ve got Aditi Mittal who can lighten up the stage with such a genial humor and wit that others can only but crave for!

7. Rohan Joshi

He might be one of the youngest stand-up comedians around, but that’s only a number; he’s trademark style and antics won him the accolades of being one of the funniest men around. Do you know what he craves to become? –A well-established comedian? Nah! He wishes to be a professional beer drinker someday! And, his biggest fear is of anyone who’s addicted to Farmville! Now, that’s some food for thought, isn’t it? Watch this for more!

6. Sorabh Pant

One of the most famed and a successful stand-up comedian in India, Sorabh Pant has recently been appreciated as the best person among the top 30 Indian twitter users! If you’re yet to watch any of his shows, we recommend you his Pant on Fire, one of the most endearing acts in India onstage! You can also see a glimpse of his act here.

5. Sahil Shah

Here’s another young gun in the bandwagon who, with his dreadful combination of deadly puns and an innocent look, can set the stage on fire anywhere and everywhere! He’s a regular performer at the Canvas Laugh Factory and has been adjudged by many magazines and newspapers as one of the most promising young talents in this industry!

4. Kunal Rao

That he is a complete crack head can be known by his profile which says that he left his lucrative job as a CA only to track his way into the world of comedy. And, we don’t know how he was benefited by that decision, we were indeed the gainers! A look at this will surely be enough to explain the reason!

3. Vipul Goyal

Again another nutcase who left his job as a retail analyst after passing out from IIT, Bombay only to venture into a HR Career (Humor Resources), Vipul Goyal can easily be recognized as one of the funniest men around in India! You can see some of his jig in here!

2. Appurv Gupta

With a unique style of speaking and picking up on the Engineers, Appurv Gupta, all of 23 years, is already being looked upon as the next big thing in the entertainment industry in years to come. You can see more of him here!

1. Neeti Palta

India might have only a handful of female comedians around, but those handful of them are enough to give their male counterparts a run for both money and fame! Here’s presenting Neeti Palta, one of the most loved and funniest comedians that is ruling the arena of Indian stand-up comedy! You can watch more of her here.


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