10 India-Made Smartphone Games You Should Start Playing Now

3:00 am 15 May, 2014

‘Genius is one percent perception, ninety-nine percent perspiration’- these words of Thomas Elva Edison apply much to innovation in product design, and hold true to the worldwide gaming industry too. Indian companies are also taking a plunge into the maze of gaming and are deploying numerous resources to unearth brilliant gaming apps. Many of them have already translated their ideas into best selling games.

FICCI-KPMG Report 2013 projects rapid growth in every segment of India’s mobile market, including mobile gaming. But perhaps the way ahead is going to be difficult because of the dominance of international gaming brands.

Listed here are some of the most stunning Indian grafted smartphone games, take a look. They are desi, more colloquial and definitely a lot of fun.

10. Super Mom

Created by a Mumbai-based company Games2Win, Super Mom has successfully gathered a large community of loyal gamers in a short time period. This amazing gaming app challenges players to prove the next door Mum wrong as she keeps thinking herself to be superior to you.

India-Made Smartphone Games

9. Vinashi

Developed by an online gaming startup named Gamiana (Games+ Aashiana), Vinashi is a multi-platform strategy game set in 16th century India. It involves players to choose between clans such as the Mughals, Marathas and Rajputs. This game by a Mumbai startup provides immersive experience that is global in nature, but uniquely based on the Indian history.

India-Made Smartphone Games

8. Aksharit

This first board game based on the Hindi language is developed by Bangalore-based MadRat. It aims to make your Hindi learning experience super fun. Currently more than 3 lakh school children are using this gaming app for educational purposes. A Hindi version of Scrabble named as Aksharit is a wonderful way to teach people Hindi on the go, especially children.

India-Made Smartphone Games

7. Game of Death

Game of Death is a shooting game developed by a company named Dumadu, with annual revenues of over $1 million. Sadly, the game did better business outside the country. In India, it only earned $4000. While another game from the house of Dumadu, ‘The Dark Runner,’ was able to secure 5.5 million downloads alone.

India-Made Smartphone Games

6. Dark Hills of Cherai

Published by Kochi based company named Cha-Yo-Wo, Dark Hills of Cherai is an adventure game featuring coastal Kerala.  The game involves a journey to find a Regal Scepter before it is overtaken by an evil magician. It is very popular among the South Indians in India as well as abroad.

India-Made Smartphone Games

5. Jewel Match

Jewel match is a game published by Csharks with over 50,000 downloads. Csharks is a Kochi-based company with an annual turnover of around Rs 1 crore. This Android game is about a drunkard in a lungi trying to climb a coconut tree.

India-Made Smartphone Games

4. Bingo Bash

This game is one of the most successful to come out of the Indian gaming industry. Bingo Bash is a multi-player game published by Bash Gaming. It approached over 24 million downloads after its launch on Facebook. It is similar to the popular fun game Tambola where your objective is to strike off numbers on your card till you get certain combination lines.

India-Made Smartphone Games

3. Real Steel

Real Steel is a mobile-based game published by Reliance Games, an ownership of Reliance Entertainment. It had crossed 10 million downloads across all the OS platforms by March 2013. The game alone clocked gross revenues of over $5 million at that time. Only 1% of the game revenue came from India while 46% came from US alone.

India-Made Smartphone Games

2. Super Badminton

Super Badminton is a much more advanced and graphically intensive game from Rolocule. Consumers are charged anywhere between $1.99 and $4.99 per download. The company has a plan for going forward with F2P ‘free to play’ model soon. This game from Pune-based Rolocule is very popular in US, finding place in the top 10.

India-Made Smartphone Games

1. Parking Frenzy

In June 2012, Parking Frenzy emerged as the topmost gaming app across the US and UK. It alone notched 10 million downloads from iTunes. Created by Mumbai-based Games2Win, this mobile gaming app mirrors the parking challenges that individual face or might face in future. The player’s objective is to park his car in challenging spots within a city. So, get ready to test your driving skills with Parking Frenzy.

India-Made Smartphone Games

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