10 Iconic Teachers In Bollywood Movies Who Are Unforgettable

7:00 pm 5 Sep, 2018


Well, the world of cinema has kept us entertained with amazing films based on dramatic story lines and extraordinary production. However, there are times when certain films not only entertain us, but they take us back to our school or college life with their exceptional setups. And interestingly, we have become witness to some of the most iconic teachers in Bollywood movies who have left us in awe of them with their soulful performances.

From Chandni Chopra in Main Hoon Na to Dr. Viru Sahastrabuddhe AKA Virus in 3 Idiots, these iconic teachers in Bollywood movies have redefined the teacher-student relationship in the 21st century. So, this Teacher’s Day, have a quick look at some of the most iconic Bollywood teachers who have left an everlasting impact on us.


1. Miss Braganza, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai



Ms. Braganza is lively, cute and young at heart. She is one teacher any student can have a crush on! From the short skirt to the trendy hairstyle, she made sure to look the best. Bollywood actress Archana Puran Singh played the character of one of the sassiest and iconic teachers in Bollywood movies. However, she did not teach much in the class, but who can forget her memorable lecture on ‘love and Romeo and Juliet’!


2. Raj Aryan Malhotra, Mohabbatein



Oh my God! Raj Malhotra is the teacher we all desire to have in our school. Bollywood’s Badshah Shah Rukh Khan gave life to one of the most iconic teachers in Bollywood films. Calm, composed, romantic, encouraging, and multi-talented Raj Malhotra knew how to leave an impression on his students. From breaking rules as a student to teaching his students how to break the rules, Raj Malhotra won our hearts in every possible way.


3. Ram Shankar Nikumbh, Taare Zameen Par



Ram Shankar Nikumbh not only inspired us but he brought tears to our eyes when he painted his inspiration on the canvas. Ram and Ishaan Awasthi gave life to one of the most extraordinary student-teacher relationships. His portrayal of Ram Shankar Nikumbh undoubtedly made us long for an unforgettable teacher like him. He indeed is one of the most iconic teachers in Bollywood movies.


4. Chandni Chopra, Main Hoon Na



Have you ever seen a more stunning Chemistry teacher than Miss Chandni Chopra? I bet you haven’t! Susmita Sen in her chiffon sarees and open hair enchanted us with her charisma and hotness in the film. perfect description of beauty with brains, she is one teacher every girl envied and every boy had a crush on. Of course, we understood SRK’s huge crush on this teacher.


5. Dr. Asthana, Munna Bhai MBBS




Dr. Asthana played a huge role in shaping Munna Bhai’s ‘career’ in the film after he insulted Munna in front of his father. His performance left the audience in splits with his falling continuous attempts to fail Munna in his exams. From his laugh to his anger, he kept us interested in Munna Bhai’s joyride in the medical college. Well, these negative and positive shades on the silver screen made him one of the most memorable teachers on the silver screen.


5. Santosh Duggal, Do Dooni Chaar



Rishi Kapoor portrayed the perfect picture of a middle-class Maths teacher who is struggling to give the best to his family. He juggles between the school and the coaching center where he has to face the worst students. His hilarious take on the dramas of life makes him an iconic teaching figure. The climax of the film adds on to the flavor of the film in a perfect way.


7. Dr. Viru Sahastrabuddhe, 3 Idiots



Dr. Viru Sahastrabuddhe AKA Virus has to be on the list of most iconic Bollywood teachers because of the obvious reason. Hats off to Boman Irani for giving us such an epic teacher whom we love to hate, mostly! His conventional teaching methods show the reality of our education system in the most relatable manner. He might not have been the most likable professor for his student, but we definitely love him entertaining us with his comic timing.


8. Babubhai Verma AKA Khadoos, Stanley Ka Dabba



An insatiable Hindi teacher who doesn’t bring his own ‘dabba’ or tiffin and lusts after everyone else’s lunches, Bahubhai Verma is known as ‘Khadoos’ by his students. His poor reputation among his colleagues makes his character even more relatable and iconic. Amole Gupte finely portrays the character of the greedy and shameless teacher who has more interested in eating lunch in class rather than teaching the students.


9. Naina Mathur, Hichki



A believer, a motivator and an inspiration, Naina Mathur is hands down one of the best teachers seen in Bollywood films. While she suffers from Tourette Syndrome, she lands her dream job to be a teacher in an elite school where she was assigned the job to teach the underprivileged students. Her challenges and struggles to make these kids winners in their life is the story of a true teacher. Rani Mukerji makes us believe in her story and brings tears to our eyes in every scene of the film.


10. Ravi Masterji, Parichay



Legendary Bollywood actor Jeetendra plays the role of Ravi Masterji who takes up the job of teaching five mischievous grandchildren of an elite man in the town. This film sensitively handles the relationship of a teacher with his students in an emotional and melodious manner. Watch the film to see one of the most iconic teachers in Bollywood movies winning over his students with his unique teaching styles.

These iconic teachers in Bollywood movies will keep on inspiring us forever. Let us know in the comments about your favorite teachers! Happy Teacher’s Day to the ones because of whom we are here. Thank You!