10 Iconic Logos That Will Blow Your Mind

7:00 am 24 May, 2014

What do you think it is about McDonald’s and Coca Cola that has been able to grip people’s attention worldwide for such a long time? Are you pinpointing at their products? Well, let me tell you, that most of the times, people, before using or eating their products, have been found to be their die-hard fans of their brand image! One of the reasons, of course, is their catchy and creative logos! Here we’re discussing the top 10 logos which have effectively stood the test of time and distance, and have remained etched into our psyche for their vibrant fervor. Here we go—

10. K for “Kellogg’s”

Whenever the cursive “K” in red is put up in front of you, without batting an eyelid, you’re sure its Kellogg’s cornflakes we’re talking about! Founded in 1906 in America, it is one of the best-selling cereal companies around, and undoubtedly has one of the most well-known logos around!

Iconic Logos

9. WWF—Giant Pandas Were Never Cuter!

Originally conceived and drawn by the artist, Gerald Watterson, the logo of WWF, the giant panda was drawn on the lines of Chi Chi, a panda who had arrived then at the London Zoo. Well, people might have forgotten Chi Chi, but its immortal artistic counterpart continues to rule the world!

Iconic Logos

8. Mercedes Benz—Class and Elegance Personified

Yes, you might have the posh Porsche, the cool Lamborghini and even the hi-fi SUVs, but the pleasure of even spotting (let alone, owning) a Mercedes is simply unexplainable! And, all thanks goes to the small yet elegant metallic three-point star over the engine!

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Iconic Logos

7. Bunny Ears Anyone?—Think “Playboy”

Have you ever seen a rabbit with a tuxedo? Of course, you get my point! The logo of Playboy is super chic and witty with umpteen sexual connotations! We heart the way the creative team of the magazine has kept the logo subtle without any overhyped sexual entities tied with it! Way to go, (play)boy!

Iconic Logos

6. The half-eaten “Apple”

Do we need to say anything regarding this black, half eaten apple? Well, the original design was a pied beauty by Rob Janof which got revamped into the monotonous stunner it is today only recently! Well, revamped or not….we simply heart this un-cute, monotone design, don’t we?

Iconic Logos

5. The Epic Swoosh of “Nike”

Now here we’re discussing one logo that’s famous among people from 8 to 80 years! But, do you know that this epic, dark swoosh was conceived and drawn by a student who was paid only $35 for the same?! However, this went on to be one of the most recognized logos ever which surprisingly works on any color, over any color!

Iconic Logos

4. Think Stately Castle, Think “Walt Disney”

Walt Disney not only gave us one of the first animated films and characters, but also gave us one of the best logos around, which none can even dare to hate, forget about ignoring! The beautiful castle reminds us one of those found in the exotic lands of Greece and Spain, and happily takes us on a joyride to our childhood!

Iconic Logos

3. Just “Google”

No artistic design, no ostentatious attitude; simple bold writing in colorful block letters give life to Google. Do you know that it wasn’t conceived by any artist or creative manager, but by a programmer? Well, whatever it is, it is undoubtedly on the most famous logos that going to live for decades now!

Iconic Logos

2. “Coca Cola”, Anyone?

It might not have the artistic charisma of its counterparts, but this neat and simple logo has remained unchanged for over 127 years—and this speaks a lot about the hold this logo has had over the people around the world!

Well, there’s been only one change—the color’s been changed from black to red!

Iconic Logos

1. McDonald’s with a Golden M

You mightn’t have had the chance to savor the trademark burgers of Mc Donald’s but you can never be ignorant about the same, we bet! These arches and color are, well, so sturdy that it has stayed on since years, though slogans have come and gone past like winds!

Iconic Logos

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