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10 Funny Superstitions Bengalis Won’t Part Away With Anytime Soon

Updated on 18 April, 2014 at 3:49 pm By

All of us are superstitious – to a certain level. Remember the last time your friend told you to touch a flower right before taking your exam? You did succumb to it right? Well, we do have our own fears and belief in superstitions helps us stay hopeful. But, sometimes superstitions get too funny to follow; like in the case of certain Bengali superstitions. These are things a Bengali will follow till death, be it serious or ridiculously funny. Here is a look at ten of them:



10. Lizard Superstition II

If a lizard happens to fall on a person’s, the person is deemed to become a king or a queen one day. Kings and queens are no more there but what’s wrong in believing that you could be one some day? The shortest way out? Have a lizard fall on your head.

lizard superstition II

9. Lizard Superstition I

These are really funny ones. The first one goes like – while a person is talking and if by chance a lizard happens to make some sound, whatever the person is speaking is bound to come true. In the midst of lizards, it is better to keep conversations very humble.

Lizard Superstition I

8. No Sneezing When Someone Is About To Leave

When a family member or a friend or anyone who has visited the home of a Bengali and is about to leave and someone happens to just blow off a sneeze – then, that man who was about to leave is called inside and made to sit on some furniture for a while. After sometime he is allowed to leave. This is one superstition each and every Bengali will follow. The sneeze is known to bring bad luck to the man about to embark on a journey. Only someone who has caught a cold is given some allowance.


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No Sneezing

7. Looking at a Glassful of Water before Leaving

A Bengali mother will always keep a glass filled with water right outside the door before everyone leaves for work. It is believed that before leaving home you must always have a glance of water which will bring you luck and take you safely through the day’s journey. It is removed after you reach home safely.

glass full of water

6. Chul noy ful (Not Hair but Flower)

‘Chul’ is hair and ‘ful’ is flower. This is common among girls. While one of them is talking if her hair touches the face of another in a hard manner then it starts a quarrel between the two very soon. To avoid that one of them says: ‘Chul na Ful?’ (Hair or flower?) to which another replies: ‘Ful’. End of story.

chl noy full

5. An Egg a Day keeps Good Results Away

Yes, the egg for a Bengali is equal to a monster right before an examination or an interview or maybe on a result declaration day. A Bengali mom will avoid giving their child an egg in the morning on such occasions. The sight of it is also avoided. But in case one has to open the refrigerator then one is careful not to glance at the corner where the eggs are kept. It’s clear: the egg on auspicious occasions is equal to zero.

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4. One Eye ends up in a Fight

If something happens to fall in someone’s eye and in trying to take it out if his eye blinks, the sight of that is going to terrify a Bengali. Seeing a person’s one eye is supposed to be the initiation of a fight between them. They usually avoid such sights but if it happens then they forcibly make that person blink both eyes in front of them. This cancels the negative effect of the one eye.


3. One Shalik (Indian Myna) is Unfortunate, Two Brings Luck

Indian Mynas are not just birds in Bengal. They are the indicators of a man’s luck. It’s a big confusing story – the sight of one ‘shalik’ will bring you bad luck, but if two more people are witness to that bird then the effect is nullified; two will bring you good luck, a Bengali usually jumps with joy at the sight of it; three means you will have guests at home that day and four indicates the arrival of a letter very soon.

Indian Mynas

2. A Cat Crossing the Road

Probably this is the most strongly believed superstition among the rest. In Bengal, while you walk down the street or are driving a car or traveling in any form of public transport, a cat crossing the road is bound to disturb you for a while. People here believe it to indicate an unsuccessful journey. You will sometimes find men standing on one side of the road looking anxious. Well, some minutes ago a cat has crossed the road and he is waiting for something to pass by to nullify the effect.

cat crossing road

1. Number Three in Any Form is Avoided

You will never find a Bengali who will give you three things out of choice. Take a cue from this example: Suppose you have come to a Bengali friend’s house – you will never find the lady of the house offering you food that adds up to three. Either she gives you two spoonfuls or four. Never is it three. It is believed to be ominous for that relationship.


number 3


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