10 Epic Toy Design Fails That Will Make You Laugh And Cringe At The Same Time

8:15 am 5 Apr, 2018

Toys come in every shape, size and colours. They are fun to play and cherished by children for a long period of time. Toys are usually designed by professionals and one would expect professionalism from them when it comes to doing their jobs. But what if your favourite toy was designed in a way that will make you cringe?

From a weirdly inflated Baymax to a disfigured Winnie, the Pooh, it is hilariously ridiculous how a designer could create such toys for kids.

Here is a collection of some of most epic toys designed by the adults that will make you question their sanity:

1. He is sweet baby and he wants to have some fun with you.



2. Winnie the What??



3. There is an actual doll’s head as the horse’s tale…



4. This is supposed to a balloon for kids.



5. I guess the painter got tired of his job.



6. Wait, what?



7. Spiderman, shall we go for a drive?



8. Does the duck has 4 legs?



9. You have to be truthful to the kids.



10. My childhood is officially ruined.



These toys will definitely make you think what is wrong with this world. As irritating as they look, they are still very funny.

What do you think?