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10 Most Disgraceful Things About India That We All Hate

Updated on 18 January, 2018 at 6:55 pm By

We love our country. We love India. But, we also know how ‘good’ India actually is. The phrase “Incredible India” is widely used for the sake of tourism, but it is not a secret to us Indians, how ‘incredible’ India really is. Here are some of the most disgraceful things about our country that we unanimously agree to and detest. But, we still love our country, don’t we? So, let’s take a note and try to learn from the mistakes and make India a better place.

10. The Age-Old Communal Violence


Lastly, communal violence is something India just can’t get rid of, even after 67 years since Independence. This has caused a lot of wreckage in the past and still is a huge threat to the country’s peace. India is a secular state, people of various religious faiths inhabit. This is probably why, people start fighting and give rise to riots. Sometimes it is personal, and sometimes it has a certain cause behind it. Whatever be it, this is one of the most hated and feared characteristics of India.

The Age-Old Communal Violence

9. Reservations: How Long?

A government welfare and developmental project which wholly got wrong in the long run is the Reservation system in India. We really do not need to support such a system. This might seem very unfair, but after a point it becomes unjust. Instead if they are provided with all the necessary resources, they can use it accordingly. 40% for SC/ST/OBC and 60% for General is unpardonable. Where is the equality?

 Reservations: How Long?

8. Corruption and its Tentacles

If there is poverty, there will be corruption. It is undeniable and inevitable. We constantly tend to blame the politicians for corruption, but, do we ever look into our lives and see whether we lead an ethical life or not? Here lies the trouble. If we, the citizens of this nation stop taking/giving bribes, half the corruption will be dead. It is detestable and hated by all but done by all.

Corruption and its Tentacles

7. The Overwhelming number of Rape Cases


Yes. Delhi is still called “The Rape Capital” of India. And how shameful is that for us? Strangely, the crime has increased by leaps and bounds in a matter of few months, after the Delhi Gang-rape case, and the strong verdicts for the accused could not minimize the number of rapes happening in every corner of India. More so, the politicians and spiritual leaders of our country have no respect for women, and that shows in their speeches. If only we had a solution to this!

The Overwhelming number of Rape Cases

6. India specializes in Caste Discrimination

One of the most important issues that create a lot of inconvenience in India is caste distinction. This is the most ancient of them all, and is still going strong among most Hindus. People’s mindsets are permanently clogged with ideas about different castes. All of us suffer due to this, either directly or indirectly. It is still rampant in most families where elders get their sons and daughters married to people belonging to a socially high caste. This is an absolute redundant characteristic for any country.

India specializes in Caste Discrimination

5. Poverty Scares

India’s key reason for not yet becoming a developed nation, and a power to reckon with is poverty. Poverty is the root cause for most of the atrocities that take place in our country. Uprooting poverty from a vast country like India is no easy deal. It has almost become a vicious cycle.

Poverty Scares

4. Civic Sense or the Lack of It

This is something common to most Indians. Educated or uneducated, nobody has it. It is sad to demean one’s own country, but nevertheless it is important to admit that most of the people here in India do not take note of their behavior toward the nation and its people. So, it is high time people start practicing what they teach. This is probably the only aspect that covers all.

Civic Sense or the Lack of It

3. Worse Traffic Jams

It is very shameful to see the traffic conditions here in India. It is worse in the metros. Just in case you think you will get better facilities in the metros, here comes a big no. Police kiosks are there at every crossing, but there are no traffic surgeons anywhere for any assistance. Bikers make things all the more worse. They don’t follow any traffic rules, and due to their lack of civic sense, traffic suffers terribly.

Worse Traffic Jams

2. Beware of Thugs and Cheats

It is a local trait in any place in India, be it rich urban centers or rural areas. Cheats and thugs are rampant in India. This is essentially due to poverty, but there has been no solution to the rise of these cheats and touts who bring trouble to the people they meet. They do not even spare tourists. You will occasionally find beggars and tricksters running after you. So to avoid them, or rather stay away from them, look for a proper guide or trust your sixth sense!

Beware of Thugs and Cheats

1. Nobody Cares for History

Respecting ancient historical and religious places of interest should come naturally to the people of such a culturally-rich country. But, nothing of this sort happens. It is sad to admit that if carefully watched, the walls of historical places in India have been scribbled and scratched devastatingly. People spit here and there, and there are no punishments for such acts. The day our outlook toward these heritage places will change, will be the day India will move towards real development.


Nobody Cares for History

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