10 Most Corrupt Cities of India

Updated on 18 Sep, 2014 at 5:15 pm


Corruption is rapidly spreading its roots in every part of the country today. Thanks to the largely unpracticed corruption policies and vast money making skills of the people that words like bribery and corruption are vastly becoming rampant today. Here, let’s take a look at 10 most corrupt cities of India.

10. Ahmedabad

Former capital and largest city of Gujarat, Ahemdabad ranks tenth in the list of most corrupt cities in India. The fifth largest city and seventh largest metropolitan in India, Ahemdabad hosts a population of over 5.8 million and 6.3 million extended population.
Forbes ranked the city as third fastest growing cities of the decade. But again, the city has its own drawbacks too – the city is rapidly opening its arms towards corruption. According to the anti-corruption website, around 2726910 are paid annually as bribe by the local masses.


9. Noida


Noida also called as New Okhla Industrial Development Authority is ranked ninth as the most corrupt cities in the country. The city is a major hub for outsourcing IT services and multinational companies and is also a centre for automotive ancillary units. Many foreign companies have their Indian office branches set up in Noida. The city is an important corporate destination because of its Special Economic Zone status, its close proximity to national capital New Delhi and also because of its suburban atmosphere. In addition, the city also hosts the head offices of Software Technology Park of India. Despite all this, the city is rapidly heading towards gaining the tagline of intensely corrupt city of India.


8. Lucknow

The capital of Uttar Pradesh also known as the City of Nawabs, Lucknow is ranked as eighth most corrupt cities in India. The largest and most developed city (after New Delhi) in North India, Lucknow is a multicultural city, famous for its cultural and artistic flavor.
An important hub of commerce, finance, aerospace, culture, poetry and music to name a few, even Lucknow is afflicted with the social evil of corruption. According to the website – ipaidbribe.com – people give away about 1.6 crores every year in the form of bribe.


7. Kolkata

The third highly populated city of the country and the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata ranks seventh as the most corrupt city in India. A growing metropolitan, the city confronts its share of traffic congestion, pollution, overcrowding and other socioeconomic issues.
If that was not enough, the city is plagued with the social stigma of being a corrupt city. The anti-corruption website revealed that the local masses of the city give away around 1.6 crores every year in the form of bribe.


6. Pune

The eighth largest metropolis in the country, a city that was once a centre of power of the Maratha Empire is today ranked as sixth most corrupt city of the nation. All thanks to the police revenue department officials, who ranked first in the list of hundred bribe cases as registered by the anti corruption bureau of the state division.
Assistant commissioner of police, Pune stated that over 13 crores were seized only from cases related to bribery issues.


5. Hyderabad

The city that gained the title of fastest emerging city in South India also earned itself the rank of fifth most corrupt city in India. This is mainly attributed to the bribe taking practices of the local administrative authorities of the city, which include the police officials, municipality officers etc.
An online survey revealed that taking bribe has become a common practice for assessment of property tax, water connections, passport verification and much more.


4. New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital city of India ranks fourth as the most corrupt cities of the country. The national capital alone bears over 457 cases all related to corruption against prime government employees of which 137 officials solely come from Delhi Jal Board (DJB). The ratio is subsequently followed by Delhi Police, where over 133 officials are facing different charges related to corruption.
It is estimated that Delhiites have been paying a sumptuous amount of over 4.3 crores as bribe from the last there years – only to the government officials. Two main reasons where people are forced to pay bribes include police verifications for passports and traffic violations.

New Delhi

3. Mumbai

Mumbai is ranked as the third most corrupt cities in India. Once known as the city of dreams the place is rapidly turning into more of a nightmare by emerging as one of the highest corrupt cities in the country.
The website ipaidbribe.com claims that around 420 officials were actually caught red-handed accepting bribes and around 6 crores have been earned only out of bribery and corruption cases in 1385 different instances.


2. Chennai

Capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is ranked second as the most corrupt city in India. The biggest commercial and industrial centre and a major educational, economic and cultural hub in South India, the place now emerges as the one of the most corrupt cities of the nation.
The website revealed that around 1,200 people blatantly admitted that they paid hefty sums to government officials in the form of bribe to get their work done quickly. Surprisingly, this summed up to be around 75,016,228 paid in the form of bribe annually.


1. Bangalore

Surprisingly, the IT capital of India, Bangalore tops the list of being the most corrupt city in the country. Total 14,582 bribe cases were reported in the country of which 3,994 cases account to generate the bribery amount of 1,102 lakh. Here again the police department tops the rank of taking bribes.



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