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10 Best Home Décor Items For Adding An Extra Oomph To Your House This Festive Season

Updated on 12 November, 2018 at 3:40 pm By

Festive season calls for everything new! No wonder, it is also the perfect time for picking up the best home décor items. Backed by the awesome discounts I always wait for this time to grab the items that will add that extra beauty to my home. Naturally, I am not the only one who waits for this occasion. You guys certainly love the scope to grab something awesome at an affordable price. Isn’t it so?


When it comes to the best home décor items, then there are so many options! After hours of selecting and searching, we have prepared a list that will give you a taste of various best home décor items.


1. Jai Durga Home Furnishing Bedside Runner





” alt=”Bedside mat, best home décor items” />

₹ 599


Winters is coming! Though happy, you know what I hate most? The time when I have to get down from the bed. Why? The kiss of the cold floor beneath my feet creeps me out. Well, I always thought something cozy between my foot and floor will solve the issue. Then I realized a foot mat is the best solution for that. Soft and smooth, these are the primary features that a floor mat should have. Also, it should be made with high-quality material and have a soft landing. Does this product qualify as my desirable mat? Yes. With 24 x 48 INCH size, the warm-toned color of the product is sure to fit perfectly in any room décor. What’s more? It is anti-skid too.


2. SheetKart Yinyang Wall Hanging Tapestry




” alt=”Wall Tapestry, best home décor items” />

₹ 443


Finding a proper tapestry is tough. The ones who have searched near and far will certainly agree. It should have a flawless intricate design and a soft cotton material. Not to forget that it should fulfill its primary role, enhancing the look of the room. Besides being visually appealing, it should also be affordable. I think this YinYang designed tapestry almost ticks all the boxes on my checklist. It has a stunning design that certainly adds the oomph factor to my room décor. It comes in the size 213 cm x 238 cm and that is enough to cover a standard wall. I almost forgot, being skin-friendly is a non-negotiable aspect for any tapestry and this one certainly fits the bill. Though there is no guarantee, the gentle wash can add on to the longevity of the item for sure.


3. Arfa Home Furnishing Striped Jute Cushion Cover



” alt=”Cushion cover, best home décor items” />

₹ 399


In this festive season, what can really make your home happy? Of course, getting some of the best home décor items to give a new look to your house. I think when it comes down to selecting the best cushion then besides the design the feel also needs to be perfect. It needs to be soft and also blend in perfectly into any kind of room décor. This product fulfills most of my requirements quite aptly. With varied designs, this set of 5 fits into almost all the standard cushions.


4. Khushi Creation PVC Classic Refrigerator Drawer Mat



” alt=”Fridge mat, best home décor items” />

₹ 238


Getting the mat that perfectly covers one corner to another of the refrigerator drawer is a herculean task. No, I am not exaggerating! Water resistant, damp-proof, non-slip, and non-adhesive, besides the size aspect these are the must-haves in the mat. I am sure you feel the same way too! Not acting too picky, but I feel that the mat also needs to be stain-free and odor-free. It is the food we are talking about that we will keep on the mat and so it needs to be the best. This product by Khusi Creation makes an honest approach to cover all those points. It has a smooth pattern and good grip too.


5. Recron Fiber Dream Pillow



” alt=”Pillow, best home décor items” />

₹ 499


There is nothing called best pillow! However, there is always the chance to find something that fulfills most of your expectations for a good pillow. Also, the bottom line for any pillow is the ability to give a comfortable sleep. Made with hollow siliconized microfiber, this pillow seems like a good contender for being the best one. The one thing that I like about this one is that it has a unique look and functional design. With a good bounce, this product is also washable. It seems like a pleasurable companion for a good night’s sleep.


6. DreamKraft ‘Rajasthani’ Elephant Door Hangings



” alt=”door hanging, best home décor items” />

₹ 209


I always had a love for the Rajashani designs. Filled with ethnic touches each product certainly fits my taste. Hence, when searching for the perfect door hanging, I couldn’t help but buy this product. The small elephant shaped pieces are beautifully bound by bedded strings. The paper Mache is the perfect material that keeps it light yet retains the beauty. Only because I have this product hanging in front of my bedroom door, I can quite surely say that this delicately designed item is perfect to give a good lift to the mood of home décor. No wonder, it is certainly among one of the best home décor items I ever bought.


7. Nilkamal Freedom Mini Cabinet



” alt=”Mini cabinet, best home décor items” />

₹ 2066


I recently moved to my own home and after the initial wave of euphoria, the reality struck me hard. I horribly lack a proper storage unit. Well, what can fit perfectly in my one bedroom flat? Of course, a spacious cabinet that saves space and looks sleek. Not to forget, something which doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket! Does this product fulfill it all? The polypropylene body certainly makes it sturdy and strong. There are multiple color combinations but I the design is a bit bland. However, the lightweight and spacious storage capacity certainly makes up for its plain design.


8. Wooden Shelf



” alt=”wooden shelf, best home décor items” />

₹ 848


Functional, attractive, durable, and perfect finish, this is what the product offers. Made of premium quality wood, it can be used for multiple purposes. This can be a perfect fit not only in the living room but bedroom too. I think this uniquely designed rack can be used for keeping small trophies and figurines besides hanging keys.


9. Virasat Furniture Single Seater Swing



” alt=”Swing set, best home décor items” />

₹ 19999


I always had a love for swings. As a kid, we had this huge swing set at the community park. Naturally, now in my one-room flat I desire a trendy swing set which saves space too. I need something that should be lightweight and beautiful. Not to forget the cushion needs to be super comfortable. Resistant to water and rain, this single-seater swing set certainly brings some good things to the table. Yes, I did find the price to be on the higher side. However, the product quality might make it a worthy purchase.


10. Furnishing Factory Namaste Thela Trolly Snacks Serving Wooden Platter



” alt=”Serving plater, décor items” />

₹ 849



What’s the best part of the festive season? Of course, party! Being a passionate cook, I love partying and serving my dishes. Hence, collecting new serving plates are a hobby for me. Not only that, these designer pieces certainly gives a cool look to my kitchen. Naturally, his quirky red serving platter caught my fancy. Prepared using wood and metal, it is also easy to clean. Available in various color options, it might actually be a good addition in my kitchen.


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