10 Best Handicraft Tours In Indian Cities For The Yearning Hearts Of Art Lovers

2:00 pm 17 Mar, 2014


Are you the person who craves for natural textiles and hand crafted artifacts? While traveling around somewhere, are you intrigued to know more about art and culture than the regular “places to see”? Do you always crave to visit the local museums and art galleries than visiting the parks and malls and other fanciful delights? If it’s a yes to all the above questions, then you must read on to this list which is about the best handicraft tours around the cities of India. Let’s find out more about these cultural adventures

10. The “Textured” Journey around Central India

If you love textiles, you surely know about the Chanderis and Maheshwaris. This tour, conducted by Breakaway takes you on an exhilarating journey across Maheshwar and Bagh in Madhya Pradesh, and even lets you explore the rich Mandu. On this tour, you get to explore all the textile communities of these areas concerned, and other than simple watching, you can even learn a great deal about printing, block making, dying and even washing!

The “Textured” Journey around Central India

9. Handicraft Wonders by Lost and Found Travel

The Crafts and Textile tour by this US-based company is one of a kind, and provides custom planned textile and handicraft tours around India. You can choose destination from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, and from Gujarat to West Bengal and let them plan everything as per your needs, choice and schedules!

 Handicraft Wonders by Lost and Found Travel

8. Tour for Handicraft Enthusiasts

If you’re interested in handicrafts and want to make a small business in import-export out of it, then worry not! Dianne Sharma Winter is here to provide a thorough tour, along with valuable consultancies, around the textile markets in India. For the benefits of the clients, they generally entertain not more than 4 people per trip!

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Tour for Handicraft Enthusiasts

7. The Colors of India

Are you interested in dissecting the rich tapestry of Indian textiles, but within a short span of time? Then the UK-based company, Colouricious is the one for you. Created by the famous textile artist, Jamie Malden, they run 2-3 trips per year to India, and lets you cultivate one particular region each time. Their next tour will be held in April 2014 around West Bengal and Orissa.

The Colors of India

6. The South Indian Magic

Yet another whirlwind tour by Breakaway, it’ll take you on another “textured” journey across Tamil Nadu in 4 days. Starting from a look at the kalamkari textiles and handloom weaves, you’ll be taken on a tour across Kanchipuram, Tanjore, Karaikudi, Gandhigham, Pondicherry and Madurai—and imparted valuable knowledge on the different types of silk saris made in these regions!


The South Indian Magic

5. Pottery around Delhi

India is quite famous for its pottery, and to let this art prosper far and wide Indomania Cultural Tours, in association with South Asia Foundation, has brought to you a tour around a pottery village located outside the Capital. You can see the process, know about the art and even try your hand at it too—and all of these in a span of half a day!

Pottery around Delhi

4. Bewitching Bed-sheets!

Another alluring tour brought to you by Indomania Cultural Tours, in association with Beeja Trust, takes you to Pilkhuwa, a quaint town in Gazhiabad that is famous for their alluring bed sheets. You can experience all the artful technicalities involved in making a bed sheet, including its tie-and-dye styles and retail. Apart from that, you can also enjoy wood-carving, needle inlay and many other crafts as well.

Bewitching Bed-sheets!

3. Vibrant Kutch

Think colors, think Gujarat! Breakaway takes you along the lively and vibrant alleys of Kutch famous for their handicrafts, textiles, pottery, cast silver work and what not! And, in addition to it, The Kutch Adventures India lets you connect with the artisans themselves if you’re interested in forging business ties with them.

Vibrant kutch

2. The Power of “Pink”

We all are aware of the wonders and art of Jaipur, isn’t it? Well, this experience around the Pink City is further beautified by Virasat Experiences which conducts heritage walks around the nearby villages where artisans and silver smiths work and live. It’s undoubtedly a million-dollar experience.

The Power of “Pink”

1. The Kashmiri Chronicles

Kashmir is “jannat” not only in terms with its beautiful people and even beautiful landscape but also in terms with its intricate craftsmanship and artifacts! Breakaway, in collaboration with R&A Designs, welcome you to a beautiful 4-day walk around the cultural hemisphere of Srinagar along with a great interactive sessions with artisans! Besides, the trip around the cultural monuments of the city and its lavish wazwan makes this a must-try trip of your lifetime!

The Kashmiri Chronicles