Have Account On Zomato? It Might Just Have Been Hacked And Data Sold On Dark Web

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10:01 pm 18 May, 2017

Online food portal Zomato on May 18 admitted to the fact that there was a major security breach on their database where around 17 million user records were stolen.


The company, which has about 120 million users on their database, released a notice on their website where they tried to assure the users that while the majority of them are safe as they use Facebook and Google to use the facility, other’s data was compromised as their usernames and hashed passwords were stolen by the attackers.

They though went on to assure these users that it was not an easy access for the attackers to get this data as all the passwords were encrypted, but such troves of data do eventually get cracked.


They also requested these users to change their Zomato password right away and to also change their password on any site where they are using the same passwords.

They reminded users that using the same passwords across multiple sites is a really bad idea and that they should get a password manager to help them.

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There are also reports that state the stolen Zomato data are now being sold on the dark web, though it is yet to be varified.

One must note that this is not the first time that Zomato has been targeted by hackers, back in 2015 the company was hacked by a white hat hacker who had then reported the details to Zomato so they can address their weaknesses.

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