India Has A Zero Rupee Note. Do You Know Why?

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3:49 pm 29 Jun, 2016

As a citizen of India, you must know that the Indian democracy works on the four pillars (legislature, executive, judiciary and press). In 2006, Vijay Anand founded the 5th Pillar – an NGO whose sole motive was to fight corruption. In our nation, bribery and corruption looks contagious and is spreading like a viral disease.

To clear off the plague of corruption from our nation, Vijay Anand went to his home town with an idea of a ZERO RUPEE NOTE.


The main motive behind the release of this type of note was to empower the common man who suffers because of corruption, and to threaten the bribe takers.

With the help of volunteers, The 5th Pillar made people aware of their rights and distributed these notes among them. Information desks were set up at various places for distributing the notes along with pamphlets.


The Zero Rupee Note came out to be the perfect nonviolent weapon to fight corruption. It’s the imitation of the 50 Rupee note issued by the government of India.

These notes are “paid” in protest by angry citizens who solicit bribes in return for services which are supposed to be free.


Over 3 million of these notes have been distributed in our country. Huge banners were carried to 1200 schools, colleges and other public gatherings.

The official website of the 5th Pillar is filled with people’s stories where they have used a Zero Rupee Note and fought corruption!


A brilliant idea by Vijay Anand, the Zero Rupee Note surely has inspired the youth and we can absolutely look forward to other regions of the country to opt the same method and fight corruption!


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