Yuvi’s Amazing Pre-Marriage Gift To Hazel Proves How Husbands Are Really Changing For Good

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2:50 pm 1 Dec, 2016

When it comes to marriages dwindling between traditions and evolving contemporary world, we still find ourselves stuck to old ways of customary expression of love. We might be the woman of 21st century who takes pride in whatever she does, but when it comes to our husbands, we like keeping our expectations limited. After all, the world believes diamonds to be our best friends.



But Yuvi’s pre-marriage gift to his newly wedded wife had us in for a surprise. Yes, a SOLO TRIP!

Since Yuvraj has been too busy with his Ranji trophy games, it was Hazel who had been doing all the work along with Yuvraj’s mother Shabnam Singh. Wedding preps are undoubtedly stressful and chaotic; no wonder Hazel deserved a chill break.



Hazel has been a fan of adventurous sports, particularly surfing. So, to let her unwind before the wedding madness kicks in, Yuvraj gifted her a trip to Puducherry to surf in the ocean water. In fact, the trip doubled up to be an unconventional bacheloratte party for Hazel.

“I never really had the time for a proper bachelorette party. Since it’s already a ten day event, my friends would have been confused whether to come for the wedding or just bachelorette party here! Yuvi had sent me to Pondicherry in the middle of all the wedding chaos and mess because he knows how much I love to surf.”


In fact, that’s not all. The theme of bachelorette which was already spun around in Hazel’s case got much more exciting when he sent her best friend to join her in the holidays.

“He surprised me by sending Bruna Abdullah as she’s one of my closest friends! He knew I didn’t have time for a proper bachelorette, everyone was so busy plus my family is also away. All my friends are also in different cities, therefore, it was an emotional moment for me.”



In essence, Yuvraj’s gift to Hazel looks like a classic example of the changing aspirations of women today. We are no more coy girls lusting after rocks and expensive gifts – all we crave for are wings to fly – wherever. Thanks Yuvi!


Source: Shaadisaga.com

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