Youth Killed In Gurgaon After Getting Into A Brawl With DJs At A Party

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5:00 pm 21 Oct, 2015

A second-year student in Delhi lost his life in a party in Gurgaon, after he allegedly got into a brawl over selection of music.

According to The Times of India, 22-year-old Rohit Bhardwaj had gone to a friend’s birthday party in Subhash Nagar area of Gurgaon.

His friend Ankit was hosting the party at a vacant plot near his house when around Sunday midnight, an argument broke out between Bhardwaj and three others, including two DJs who were attending the party.

TOI further states that the argument was over the selection of songs that was being played and the tiff quickly got violent, with the three allegedly attacking Bhardwaj with hockey sticks.

Worried about his son not being home yet, Rohit’s father Deepak Bhardwaj had gone to the party venue to check-up on him. When he arrived there, he saw the three beating Rohit up and immediately tried to intervene.


But the situation had gotten worse and he was pushed aside by the trio. After being pushed Deepak hit his head on a nearby wall and lost consciousness.

According to Deepak, when he finally came around, his son was beaten so badly that he lay dead.

Rohit’s friend and party host Ankit immediately rushed him to the nearby Civil Hospital but by that time it was too late to save him.

While both Hindustan Times and Times of India have conflicting reports as to why the argument took place, though it is believed it was over the song that was being played at that time and the three accused wanting to dance on it.

According to TOI, Hawa Singh, ACP (Crime), Gurgaon, said that the police believe the three accused were drunk at the time of the brawl and thus lost their temper at Bhardwaj.

All three accused are in DJ-ing business. They have been caught and an FIR has been lodged against them under IPC sections 302 (murder) and section 34 (common intention).

Meanwhile Hindustan Times quoted Civil Hospital’s forensic expert Dr Deepak Mathur stating that Rohit had suffered multiple injuries on his entire body and a brutal blow to the head was the cause of his death.

The report says that the police have confiscated the hockey sticks and the DJs’ laptops, and are checking CCTV cameras to find out what really transpired but have been unable to find any footage which should have covered the party venue.

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