15 Signs You’re NOT Dating An Immature Man

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1:06 pm 11 Aug, 2015

Boys will be boys! They might never give up on video games and cartoon bedspreads. They love their 2 AM meals more than their dinner. They can never give up their farts and burps. They own their silly jokes too much.
If you think your guy does this and you wonder if you are stuck with the immature brat, stop wondering!  Age is just a number. There’s a difference between grown and matured. Follow up these points to see if he really is that immature, silly boy you think he is…or is there more?

1. He is ambitious and self-motivated

You don’t have to be his Mommy and push him to take his life seriously.





2. He understands you as a woman

Few men understand and accept the fact that women don’t always overreact and act overly emotional. In fact, they are just made to function differently. It’s innate.

3. He has real interests and opinions

He has his own set of hobbies, interests and is opinionated about things he passionately cares for.

4. He is not interested in pleasing the crowd

Till the time he has the attention of the right people, he will never run after pleasing the wrong ones.

5. He doesn’t put up one of those “disappearing acts”

He is honest when he needs time and space. We all need it. But he doesn’t disappear like a cloud. Instead, he tells you about it.



6. He respects your dreams like his own

He encourages you to fulfill your ambitions. He will never act like a male chauvinist!


7. Insecurity isn’t part of your man’s vocabulary

He encourages you to try new things, meet new people. He doesn’t confine your personal growth to build up his male ego.


8. He’s a family man

He might have been a lonely teenager once but now he knows what family and friends really mean. He sets his priorities right and spends quality time with them.


9. He means his compliments

His compliments are not conventional but are meaningful. His compliments don’t mean to shut you, but to genuinely make you feel happy.

10. He knows a thing or two about communication

He talks to you, listens to you and is not self-absorbed. He takes an initiative to talk things out rather than letting them pass away.


11. He spells joy to everyone around

It’s not just you, his family or his work which he cares for. A good man knows how to bring joy even to a strange man’s eye.

12. He knows how to handle money

He is no more a young brat splurging around. He takes care of his finances well. And double win if he asks to do yours too!


13. He takes a stand

A lot of people talk about things, but don’t follow them. A real man will take a stand for the right things. He needs to have the courage to raise his voice for what he feels right.

13. He doesn’t see crying as womanly

Everybody has their share of turbulence and emotional imbalances. Crying is just a human way of venting suppressed emotions. Nothing womanly about it!


15. He feels the responsibility

He will never make you feel embarrassed by drinking too much in front of your parents. He will never make you feel worried by leaving your calls unanswered. He feels his responsibility as a man.
Little things matter!


Ladies, if you have got a man with these tell-tale signs, well, you’ve got a keeper. Don’t wait to walk down the aisle soon!


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