9 Things To Justify You’re Not Crazy If You’re Fine Alone On A Saturday Night

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7:28 pm 17 Dec, 2015

If you have come here tempted through the headline exclaiming, ”Oh yes, that’s me!”, then welcome to the gang. Why is there a constant societal pressure to be a party person? Don’t get me wrong, I love people. But sometimes it just feels nice to stay indoors. Stop calling us crazy please.

Here is a little justification on why I am not crazy:


1. Alone is not equal to lonely

First things first. Just because I prefer to be alone and not surrounded by the buzz sometimes does not mean I am a loner, or that I don’t have friends or family or more precisely that I hate people.


2. Neither am I an attention seeker

You know how people label you as an attention-seeker if you sit alone in the class or walk on the pavement with ear-phones plugged in? Well, it’s not about seeking your attention, it’s about seeking peace of mind.


3. Staying alone doesn’t make me sad

Just because I am indoors or being just ‘alone’, doesn’t mean I am sad or depressed. People should try it to know how they can be perfectly happy, crazy and dancing alone too.



4. I prefer no company to the wrong company

Is it really so bad? I don’t prefer to spend my time or my energy on people who are not worth it. Negative vibes affect me negatively.


5.  Alone time lets me recharge my batteries

It’s like a breather. Time and again, I need to pause and reflect o what’s going on. I can’t emphasize enough how suffocating it gets in a room full of chatty people smoking. Everything seems so meaningless. And so, this alone time is required to fill the emptiness.


6. When I’ve to take charge of my life, its me within the four walls

Even though I have called myself an escapist all my life, I don’t think I can sway away my problems in an over-crowded pub sloshed with intoxication. That’s not me.

I am one of those creepy souls who like to stir a glass of martini with some music in the room, think (over-think sometimes), cry my heart out, be a mess and finally pick myself again.


7. Reading a book snuggled in blankets beats a night-out

I won’t deny that sometimes I do get the thrill of a night-out and it’s a bitter-sweet symphony to me. Yet, if I ever have to choose, I will choose reading a novel or an intimate conversation with a friend over a maddening, crazy night-out.  At least, it would add a perspective to my life.


8. I believe conversations are far more sexy

Loners, as you call them, LOVE conversations. Conversations which are engaging, stirring and meaningful; okay, sometimes meaningless day-dreaming too works. They bring a high like no other. Unraveling someone’s mind and secrets – what could be sexier? No, not even that hot lad undoing his tie.


9. If I don’t give myself the time to create, who else will?

I draw my life scenarios; not literally, but in my head. It clarifies the bigger picture of what I want and how I want it to occur in my life. Sorry, but it just doesn’t seem possible to get done on a Saturday night-out.

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