21 Signs Your Partner Is A Crazy Psychopath!

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10:00 am 22 Aug, 2015

Many people relate the term psychopath with the guy in a movie who is frequently switching his moods. Haven’t you watch the character of Nana Patekar in ‘Agni Sakshi’? He is a perfect psychopathic person. If you think your partner is a psychopath, look for the signs given below.

 1. He will often switch between his moods.


2. He feels alone and isolated all the time.


3. He will always be on a murder movie spree


4. You will have to keep a check aon your partner’s activities.


5. He starts over-reacting which reaches an extreme level, e.g.: when you speak about leaving him.


6. Due to his psychopathic behavior, he always chooses to lie.


7. He is the person who is not very busy.


8. He wants you to ring and text him every single minute.


9. He will start threatening you with suicide messages after a big fight.


10. He is rather confused about his decisions.


11. Your partner is not among those who are real and love to accept the fact.

12. A psychopath would say something to you and something different to others.


13. He is an expert in making false and empty promises.


14. He doesn’t have lifelong friends nor does he maintain and progress in any relationship.


15. He may think about his past life constantly but still say, “I love you”.


16. He is always keen to show you off as his girlfriend to his friends.


17. When he switchs into victim mode, he forgets all responsibilities and promises.

18. A psychopath person would always see you as goal and weave a complete world around you.

19. A psychopath will never understand privacy and will disclose your relationship to the public.


20. He will always blame others for his misfortune.


21. A psychopath is mostly like a leech that tends to suck all the blood out of you.



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