No Need To Carry Driving License And Registration Now, This Is What You Can Do Instead

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6:06 pm 6 Sep, 2016

According to news reports, the Indian government is currently working on a new system that will allow drivers to just keep a soft copy of their driving license, instead of carrying their regular smart cards.

The new system is called ‘DigiLocker+’ and would be launched in next few days by the transport and IT ministries.

A driver would need an Aadhaar card to open an account and it would be then linked to his cell phone number that has been provided.


The ‘DigiLocker+’ service will also help the government maintain a centralised registry of all the vehicles and they can then easily access this information from anywhere in the country.

To make the system safe, these documents would be kept in the secured ‘DigiLocker setup’ and can be verified by the traffic police and other law enforcement agencies at any check-post.


This will not only make the system faster but would also make it easier for Police forces to issue a fine to drivers or apply penalty points to defaulters driving licenses when they are found breaking the law.

One can access the ‘DigiLocker system’ via an app that a driver can use to display all his information on.


The police officials meanwhile will also have an app that can verify these documents on the national registry.

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