If You Are On Facebook, You Are Their Slave

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7:30 pm 14 Feb, 2015

1. The new ‘Terms of Service’ overrides all privacy policy.

And gives them the right to share your data with third-parties. They simply changed it on January 30, and did not even bother to seek your approval. You agreed by staying on Facebook.

2. You see unwanted promotions of a product or a politician on your feeds.

It is because you once (maybe a long time back) may have liked something remotely associated with the product or the politician (the company or the party, perhaps) you actually do not like.

3. Facebook reads all your private messages and the contents of links mailed privately.

And they’re facing a class action lawsuit in California for the same.

4. They can turn your phone’s mic on and snoop in on you.

A dangerous truth. This is how you know what your friend was watching on TV. This feature will soon move into the realm of audio surveillance. Watch Jimmy Kimmel point out – in a hilarious way.


5. Facebook has been reading everything you type, even those you do not post.

Yes, if you typed in an abuse against the US President but did not post, Facebook will still record it. You know what could happen next.

6. Shares data with governments and PRISM programme.

That abuse you were typing but did not post might be used against you in the future. Also, if you voice your opinion against, say, China, you might end up on the wrong side of the law whenever you visit the Asian giant.

7. You should know that Facebook sells you off to advertisers.

Facebook has been unabashed about its only objective – allow advertisers to promote their products.

8. They are building a database of yours from every bit of info on you.

Even if a friend posts something or mentions something about you, Facebook collects that to build a database of you. They have previously (and maybe even now) tricked your friends into revealing more about you.

9. Facebook blocks political content it does not likes.

Less was read about Ferguson protests on Facebook because they were either censored or blocked.

10. Just a few people can make an article offensive and drop it from feeds.

Imagine you write something against a political party. If a few members of the political party mark it as abuse, the post will be dropped off all feeds.

11. Any mail synced to @facebook.com mail is read and used by Facebook.

Your mails in that ‘secure’ Gmail account of yours, too!

12. Your friends often see endorsements not made by you.

Your liking of a particular product of a particular company does not mean you like every product of the company. Sometimes, your friends may see that you have ‘liked’ something when, in reality, you have not.

13. Most of your friends never get to see what you post.

And you do not get to see what they post.


14. Using FB on mobile means you have given your entire contact list to them.

And Facebook creates shadow profiles of your contacts not using their service. This is why a non-Facebook user gets an invite with some personal info about them in their mails.

15. Facebook is illegally obtaining info on everyone in Europe.

Because they are not telling authorities what info they have. This is why they are facing another class action lawsuit. So this makes Facebook a patriotic American company, doesn’t it?

16. Apps on Facebook have full access to your data.

And even if you don’t use any app, your data is shared through your friends who use them.



17. The option of sharing with ‘Friends Only’ is a charade.

Facebook algorithms automatically place everything in public.

18. Facebook wants to know your financial details.

Mastercard is using that data.

19. Track your location and reveal it without your permission.

Past location as well as current location. If you visit a doctor but don’t want to tell anyone, you can’t hide it.

20. You can be abused.

“Switch it off – delete your Facebook. That’s very harsh, because you think, ‘I won’t be able to keep in touch with my friends’ – and my honest answer to that is… if they’re your real friends, they’ll stay with you.” – Maisie Williams on cyber bullying.

21. Facebook won’t leave you even after you die.

Just so that the advertisers are able to continue, Facebook is now rolling out a feature that lets someone nominated by you to keep your account active after your death.

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22. You are not given the easy way to delete your account.

It is like you are living in North Korea.

Jong Un

These are just 22 of the ways Facebook has turned you into a product it can use or throw as it wills. For a complete understanding of the same, please read this excellent research by Salim Virani.


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