While International Media Pours Scorn On Yogi Adityanath, Yezidis Congratulate Him

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8:39 pm 20 Mar, 2017

Yogi Adityanath became the 21st Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh on March 18. He was selected by his party, the BJP, to lead the government of India’s most populous state.



Described as a Hindutva firebrand by a section of the media, his elevation to the top post in the state rattled everyone who hate the BJP, the RSS and the Hindu faith but are willing to overlook the excesses committed by radical Islamists.

Such is the hate for Adityanath in the hearts of some ‘prominent’ journalists and, of course, opposition leaders that they also tried to propagate a lie.

At the same time, the western media, too, took an unusual interest in the outcome of the UP Assembly elections. It is perhaps because of the influence the ‘liberal’ journalistic community has on the overly liberal foreign media.


But there are groups around the world which expressed their happiness at Yogi Adityanath taking on the role of the Chief Minister. One of them are the Yezidi.

The Yezidipost.com, an online news portal covering all issues related to the Yezidi community, published an article congratulating Adityanath.

They did not use adjectives like “radical” or “firebrand” but described Adityanath as a “Hindu yogi”. They wrote that “time and again (Adiyanath) rendered his support to the Yezidi cause”.

The article praised him for his strong stand against Islamists and ISIS.

Recalling the prophesy by YSDS president and Yezidi activist Nallein Sowilo according to which all Dharmic communities will rise up again, the article says that Adityanath’s rise is “a step in the fulfillment of that prophesy”.

The Yezidis have been almost wiped out by the Islamic State from their homeland in Syria and Iraq. Hundreds of their women have been either killed or sold as sex slaves but the liberal media and governments did not raise the matter with the kid of zeal with which they oppose Islamophobia.

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