Yogeshwar Dutt Questions Salman Khan’s Appointment As India’s Olympic Ambassador

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2:37 pm 24 Apr, 2016

Just hours after the Indian Olympic Association (IOA)  announced their decision to appoint Bollywood actor Salman Khan as India’s goodwill ambassador for Rio Olympics 2016, the decision was highly criticized by Indian wrestler and Olympic medalist Yogeswar Dutt.


Dutt, who won India a bronze medal in 2012 London Olympics, came down hard on IOA officials and even questioned Salman Khan’s contribution to sports.


This was for the first time that any Bollywood superstar had been chosen as a goodwill ambassador for the national squad for something as as big as the Summer Olympics, but Dutt feels sports stars like PT Usha and Milkha have been ignored for the post, and they too have equally made India proud in the world arena.



Venting his anger on Twiiter, Dutt Twitted:


Expressing his displeasure, 33-year-old Dutt pointed out that Olympics was not a place for movie promotion.


Though there were many who tried to criticize Dutt for his comments, he boldly stood by this stance and said India was not looking for sponsors but medals at the Olympics.


He then concluded by saying that no one comes forward to help any athlete when they really need it and they all take advantage of the global event when required, whereas for any athlete, Olympics, is their dream.

He went on to explain that there is a huge difference between a commercial event and Olympics, and that any sportsperson during these times looks up to other players (and not a commercial star)

Soon after Yogeswar’s comment, legendary athlete too expressed his support and spoke against the decision.


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