This Youth From Rajasthan Faces Major Dilemma – Convert To Islam Or Lose Government Job

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6:33 pm 15 Jul, 2016

Yogesh Kumar, 19, just have two days to decided whether he wants a government job or his Hindu identity.

Yogesh, who applied for the job of a head constable in the CRPF, was called to Gujarat for a physical exam and document verification.

He belongs to the Rana caste and is a Hindu. But, the ministry of social justice has marked people from his caste as Muslims after 2013.

“There are Hindus as well as Muslims in my caste. But the ministry of social justice decided that members of my caste had converted to Islam from Hinduism in the Mughal era and, so, people from my caste are marked as Muslims after 2013.” he told HT.



Yogesh Kumar HT

Yogesh Kumar

Hailing from Jhunjhunu district, Yogesh doesn’t have a caste certificate as the notice regarding a change in the reservation for Rana caste hasn’t been circulated in all districts.

In 2013, the government changed the rule and gave Hindus from Rana caste reservation under the SC category and Muslims under the OBC category.

“No circular has been issued till date in this regard. I can’t get a caste certificate,” he said.

He says if he converts to Islam for the sake of the job, his family will have to bear the repercussions.

“Even if I convert to Islam, my family will become social outcasts in our community. How is this fair that our ancestors have been Hindus but became Muslims, even though we follow Hindu customs?” he said.

However, Minister of social justice Arun Chaturvedi said the notification was released a long time ago.“It shouldn’t be a problem for anyone in getting a caste certificate made,” he said.


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