16 Simple Yoga Poses You Can Try In Your Office To Stay Fit

1:30 pm 21 Jun, 2015

1. Cat-Cow Stretch Pose

Cat-Cow Stretch Pose


2. Chest Opening

Chest Opening


3. Desk Shoulder Opener

Desk Shoulder Opener


4. Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose


5. Eye Focus

Eye Focus


6. Forward Bend With Arm Extension



7. Forward Fold With A Twist

Forward fold with a twist


8. Happy Hip Pose

Happy Hip Pose


9. Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose


10. Neck Stretch

Neck Stretch


11. Palming Eyes

Palming Eyes


12. Seated Forward Bend

Seated Forward Bend


13. Seated Mountain Pose

Seated Mountain Pose


14. Seated Twist

Seated Twist


15. Temple Rub

Temple Rub


16. Tree Pose

Tree Pose


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