Government Shortlists Over 1500 Yoga Asanas To Prevent Them From Being Patented Aboard

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2:25 pm 12 Aug, 2015

Our government’s obsession with Yoga is well known. To take a lead in the on-going tussle between nations for patents of yoga techniques, the Indian government has shortlisted over 1500 asanas and videographed over 250, classifying them as traditional knowledge of the country, reports Firstpost.

Dr Archana Sharma, head of Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL), which has taken this initiative, said:

“It should take five or six months to complete the process, after which it can be the part of the database. Once that happens, any attempt to claim patents on the Indian yoga techniques practised since ancient time can be thwarted.”


TKDL, a unit of Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) of the Ministry of Science and Technology, was formed after some MNCs claimed patents for neem and turmeric medicinal uses. Today, its database has over 2.93 lakh medicines with the information available in Spanish, German, English, Japanese and French languages.

Dr Sharma said:

“Each time an individual or an MNC files for a patent, the major patent offices refer to the TKDL base. A team is constantly monitoring the patents that are being filed. So, we also file pre-grant opposition.”


Over the past one month, India has thwarted two attempts at patenting Indian traditional medicines, which again included turmeric.

India also foiled an attempt by Colgate-Palmolive Company to patent a mouthwash formula containing herb (Nutmeg- Jayaphal) extract used in Indian traditional systems of medicine to cure oral diseases, at European Patent office.


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