Under A Metro Bridge, A School For Slum Children Works Against All Odds To Educate Them

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7:04 pm 23 Aug, 2016

Did you know that a train passes over the bridge at the Yamuna Bank Metro Station every three minutes? The slum kids in the area sure do. Despite that, however, they continue to focus on the class taking place under the bridge.

Yamuna Bridge Metro school


Rajesh Kumar Sharma teaches the kids – around 300 of them – who are usually children of poor migrant laborers, daily wage workers and even seasonal farmers. The 42-year-old is the only hope of an education that these kids have, and they know it.

Rajesh Sharma


There is no proper building to mark the start and end of the school area: children sit on mats placed on the floor; there are a few plastic and wooden chairs for those who teach these kids; steel boxes that keep school records stand in a corner; walls have been coated with black paint to make blackboards.

Yamuna Bridge Metro Station


Despite the struggle to teach and to learn in this situation, both the teachers and the students show great dedication to make the best of the given opportunities. In a country where government apathy makes us lose hope every day, such examples are shining beacons of hope.

Slum kids education


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