Believe It Or Not, This German Man Gave His Ex-Wife Half Of Everything In The Divorce

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5:38 pm 19 Jun, 2015

We all have been through bad breakups. We may have broken one or two things to take out our frustration. But this guy just took it to next level. Seriously! A German man dealt with the end of his relationship by hacking his shared possessions in half (literally) and putting them on eBay, reports

The German eBay user “der.juli” has cut almost everything into half. The cut items include chairs, a teddy bear, an REM record, a sofa and even a mailbox. Some are genuinely valuable — a Samsung TV set, an iPhone 5, an Apple Macbook Pro and even an Opel car.


He even posted a YouTube video called “For Laura” of himself sawing the items in two, with the caption: “Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful’ years Laura !!!!! you’ve really earned half.” It concludes with a sarcastic sign-off: “Greetings to my successor”.

Then again, this could all be a practical joke.

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