World’s Biggest Pitbull Will Make You Go “Aww” Despite His Breed’s Reputation

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5:00 pm 14 Oct, 2015

No wonder the name given to this gentle giant suits him so well. He is the world’s biggest Pitbull living in the USA that tips the scales at a whopping 173.4 pounds. Apart from being the hugest dog all over the world, he is also a trained professional guard dog.

Don’t be scared of his huge size, he is a sweetheart. The amount of love he receives from his owners Marlon and Lisa Grannon is incomparable.



Despite his size and what he is capable of, they trust him 100% with their three-year-old son, Jordan.



Jordan and Hulk are best buddies, Hulk even lets Jordan ride him around the house. They both quite happy with each other and each others company.



Pitbulls come number one under the category of world’s most dangerous dogs. Looking at these pictures, anybody will deny this fact. Just like other dogs, Hulk is a gentle and adorable pet.



Marlon operates Dark Dynasty K9, one of the best in the business for breeding and training guard dogs and police dogs. Breeding, training and selling dogs for a living means the Grannon family sees a lot of dogs come and go, but they never plan to sell Hulk, no matter what.



Hulk most definitely found his forever home, and a loyal one at that. Marlon Grannon says a couple of people have offered him as much as a few hundred thousand dollars for Hulk, but he has turned down all offers.



Grennan says, “I don’t think it’s irresponsible for people to have pitbulls and children. They’re dogs just like any other dog. No matter what the breed it is, it is hundred per cent how you raise them.”



Despite from the bad reputation his breed has earned so far. He has proved himself to be the best dog this family could have.



Dark Dynasty breeds and trains some of the world’s best guard dogs for high profile individuals, celebrities, police officers, and everyday people that just want to feel safe and protected. The dogs are trained to be 100% fearless, while remaining sweet and obedient.



The Grannon family never plans to sell Hulk, but they may offer his offspring for sale. It will cost you a pretty penny though, a trained dog sired by Hulk could cost as much as $35,000.



Hulk, back when he was still a little-bitty puppy



This video will melt your heart, seeing the two brothers singing happily.


So this is Hulk, their ferocious sweetheart.


Credit: earthporm

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