16 Things That Only Working Moms Will Understand

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10:05 pm 1 Dec, 2014

Most working women in India feel judged. But, wait a minute – what do we get from working?  Well, it empowers us with individuality. When a mother works, her children understand the value of being who they are. They learn the art of independent living. Her husband knows she can’t be taken for granted and she builds a solid position for herself in the society.

Alas, being a working mom is not all perks. It’s tough.


1. Getting away from home is hardly the goal, people

Some work for a sense of fulfillment. Some need to work so that the children at least have enough to eat. Others want their children to have access to more opportunities.



We are not running from home. We work so that our homes are well run.


2. It hurts like hell to miss out on an important FIRST in our children’s life

The guilt cannot be put in words.

A working mom may have missed the first step, the first smile, the first rain or the annual concert. It hurts. A LOT.

But when our children look at us with the most trusting eyes in the word, all of this seems to make sense. Once you become a parent, you will totally understand!


3. Something or the other is always lined up. Kind of

Our lives rotate back and forth between office, children, husband, home and relatives.

There’s hardly any ‘me’ time. We love our children, of course. And work. Well, we’ve to keep reminding ourselves!

4.  We often bake cakes that you never get time to eat


Well, it looks like that you did perhaps eat it. But, there’re more important things. First, make sure everyone in the family gets a bite. Second, don’t be late to work.

Cake? Next time, may be.

5. Finding the best nannies and day care centers is one of the most important tasks

Someone has to be there, looking after the young children when you are juggling between home and work. Working moms are almost always worried if the children are having a good time with the strangers.

Having grandparents around seems like a blessing.

Having grandparents around seems like a blessing

6. We are experts at planning on how to best spend each minute we can with kids and family

Any time well spent is better than no time at all.

7. There is no spare time to dress up or do makeup every morning

Looking dandy is among the least important of priorities.

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Working moms have a drawer of makeup they never got to use once they had kids. Grooming in the office cab, metro or elsewhere – that’s an option we do consider at times.


8. Tote bags are normally for storing gadgets and other stuff, minus fashion accessories

Traveling or heading out to office – your slender hand bags have now been replaced.

what i need gif

9. You can sleep just about anywhere

Staying awake till 2 in the morning with a cranky child and reaching office all fresh and perky is not easy.

Most working moms get time to unwind just on a Sunday.

You can sleep just about anywhere

10. Every wish you make is for your children

At every appraisal, job change and money saving opportunity that comes our way, we can’t help but think of our children and family.

Every wish they make is for your children

11. One question we get asked at times – why did you have kids in the first place if you wanted a nanny to raise them

That’s because I wanted to be a mother and start a family. Period.


12. We are often asked – do you regret missing those early years?

Others may find it hard to digest how we manage it all. But for a mom, working or not, each and every moment of motherhood is priceless.

missing those early years

13. Heart pops out shell-shocked when three-year-olds ask us to stay back

Mommy don't go

14. We know multitasking too well

The lunch is usually spent in organizing the nanny, the cook, dance classes, field trip etc. At home, you are busy cooking, taking care of the daddy and working late on your laptop to meet the work deadlines.

multitasking mom

15. Working from home gets a popular vote

Working from home

16. Returning home to the open arms of children is a priceless gift we receive everyday

And when they say – ‘you are the best mommy ever’, you know it’s going to be okay.

Yes, we missed the moments and yes, we wish we were there all those times.

children is a priceless gift

But the joy that a mommy feels, when babies come running to hug her after a long day at work – it’s priceless.

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