How to Ask Out Your Crush, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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12:00 pm 18 Feb, 2016

You might not believe in it, but you cannot completely reject it either. That’s the beauty of zodiac signs. Zodiac signs have a major role to play in the way we react to the opposite sex. If you are hoping to ask out your crush, find out beforehand, what the trademark style of your zodiac sign is.
This critical information can help you in playing the dating game correctly.


1. Aries – You like to keep eyes on the target!

You like to play the game of chase to perfection. Your choice is excellent and you won’t let the target out of your sight for even a second. Your unique style is to test the waters with a few stimulating mental questions. That’s your cue to move forward.


2. Taurus – Honesty is the spice of your life!

If you like somebody, you will go and say it to their face. Your straightforwardness will scare off some and impress others. You don’t waste time beating around the bush.


3. Gemini – Variety is the spice of life for you!

Your restlessness makes you always ready to try out new things and meet new people.
Sadly, if the response is not quick enough, you move on to the next candidate.


4. Cancer – Your only fear is rejection!

In the real world, you will never have the courage to walk up to a stranger and ask her or him out.
And if you do, it is obvious that you feel very strongly about them and are willing to put in your 100% to make it work. You could also call, if that is easier!


5. Leo – You have to be the center of the attention!

You will ask out your crush even if you knew it’s just an infatuation. What you enjoy the most is the go-get-him/her rush! And since you are the way you are, you will inform your date of the time and venue, rather take his/her permission!


6. Virgo – You let your body and eyes do the talking!

If your crush does not get the mixed signals, you simply ask him out bluntly. It could either go this way or that.


7. Libra – You are the most flirtatious of all the star signs!

You give your crush a score out of ten in the first date itself and decide there and then if you want to see him more or not. Once your mind is made up, it can’t be changed.


8. Scorpio – Your natural magnetism will attract many objects of desire!

But you have the patience to wait for your crush to make the first move. You don’t need words, your body sends out the right signals every time.


9. Sagittarius – You like it straight and simple!

You don’t need to have an emotional connection to make the first move. It can always be a fun relationship, with no strings attached. Just try not to be over silly!


10. Capricorn –An intellectual connection is a must for you!

Spontaneity is not one of your strong traits. Buy the tickets for the blockbuster your crush likes and ask them to meet you at the theater. If s/he doesn’t turn up, you know the answer.


11. Aquarius – You are experts at pretense and foreplay!

The social setting in which you make the first move is most important to you. You like to take care of the works, just try not to be over chatty.


12. Pisces –Your sensitivity makes you question your first move a zillion times!

Don’t forget that you have a natural magnetism which no other sign has. Get a grip on your fear of rejection and go for it. Use your vast imagination to make the right move.


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