Rashtriya Muslim Manch Starts Campaign To Stop ‘Triple Talaq’

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6:01 pm 31 May, 2016

Women wing of Rashtriya Muslim Manch (MRM), which is affiliated to RSS, is demanding to stop ‘triple talaq’.

They have started a campaign to register all marriages and divorce cases to stop the practice.

“Just as registration of births and deaths is mandatory, marriages and divorces should also be compulsorily registered. Our religion does not allow a man to end a marriage by merely repeating talaq thrice. There is a provision for counseling,” Shehnaz Afzal, head of the women’s wing of MRM, told HT.

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RSS has been long demanding for a uniform civil code and also raised the issue through BJP’s election manifesto over the years.

Over the time, it has been seen that many women have been victims of the practice. “There can be no nikah without the presence of a lawyer and two witnesses, how is it then that a marriage can end with no such obligation? In the name of religion, women are being discriminated,”Afzal said.

Last year, at a convention in Ajmer, the wing passed a resolution against triple talaq and decided to push for a uniform civil code.


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