14 Fascinating Women Who Started The Most Unusual Businesses

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8:00 pm 10 Sep, 2015

Despite various disparities observed between men and women, women have also proved to be successful entrepreneurs. A few women came out with strange and weird business which were never introduced before.

1. Maude Kelly of Toronto came up with the idea of professional spankers.

She started this business in 1905 with intention of teaching basic manners to kids. She also provided professional spanking service for kids by visiting homes.

2. Canadian Betty Funk started making purses using seat belts which were discarded as trash.

The seat belt bags can be used as a strong defense barrier by women, thus protecting them from any attacks.

3. Rebecca Rescate solved a problem of various cat owners by introducing CitiKitty & Litter Kwitter.

She started a monopoly business of producing toilet trainer kits for cats, where they were guided to use toilets in a short span of time.

4. Kathy Newbern co-founded YourNovel.com with her husband in 1992 where the clients were allowed to choose the location and theme of their novels.

They were even allowed to supply photographs of themselves which were used as covers.

5. Danita Harris started DNA products, LLC in 2001.

She aimed to produce disposable underwear for both men and women, which can be used in longer trips and journeys. However, this is quite different from the concept of diapers.

6. Donna Alexander introduced the concept of anger rooms with a bang.

She started the business targeting angry people who were allowed to choose things which they would like to trash, which ranged from TVs to expensive sofas or LED sets. No, this was not free of cost; money was charged against the things chosen to be destroyed.

7. Sarah Kaufman started selling sculptures made out of cheddar cheese online.

She has been making sculptures with cheddar cheese for years and has also replicated the Chicago skyline.

8. Mrs Brown from Arizona saw that people loved food even in toiletries, so she started a business called Bath Bakery.

To sell things such as cookie bath bomb and lemon cake shampoo, which look really attractive and people can use them in bathrooms.

9. Michele Palanik runs Purple Cloud Studio and has minted enough money through the funeral business.

She requests just a teaspoon of ash to be fashioned into any jewelry such as a pendant or even a paper weight.

10. Debbie Wiener invented a slob-proof fabric which was different from other fabrics.

This fabric was special as stains of tea, beer, salt, curries or anything could be wiped easily from the cloth.

11. Lisa Campbell of Missouri decided to give a new look to small kids by producing artificial bangs.

She started a business of producing artificial bangs of different colors and designs.

12. Suzanne Casamento started a fantasy dating site which encouraged people to take a chance and step forward to find love.

She is one of the richest women today who earns solely from her highly active and engaging site.

13. Girls tend to snuggle a pillow whie sleeping. This made Kim Lavine come up with an idea of converting the pillow into a bear-shaped pillow.

And it later became the most selling product in the market.

14. In 1996, a lady known as Queen Patricia created the Other Kingdom World (OKW) with regular police booths, its own currency, flag , passports and own agenda.

The kingdom followed a concept where women would rule and men worked as slaves. This 7.4 acre kingdom was sold in 2008 for eight million euros and is now converted into an internet club.


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