The Reality Of Women Getting ‘That Revenge Body’ After Heartbreak

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5:14 pm 14 Aug, 2016

First of all, ”revenge body” is such a derogatory and paradoxical term for a woman learning to cultivate self-love. She is fighting to move on from her rosy past, build a new life with a stronger foundation and gift herself the love someone failed to give her- and all the world can see is her hot body ‘apparently seeking revenge‘?


When Katrina Kaif awed the world with her washboard abs in Kala Chashma video from Baar Baar Dekho, the tabloids were filled with headlines of her seeking revenge through her flawless body. I won’t disagree how she indeed stole my attention all through the video and I was IN LOVE with her damn abs, yet I won’t prefer to call it a revenge body.

You think all Ranbir Kapoor needs after a breakup of a seven-year-old serious relationship is that damn hot body? Hell, no!

Seeking revenge dilutes the whole point of moving on.  Break-ups are hard and hitting. No amount of glitz and glam can replace the feeling of brokenness in your heart. Taking a revenge or showing that bastard what he lost is never the idea of a woman who’s truly seeking to revive. Not that it cannot be a bonus; but never a purpose.



Khloe Kardashian when came out after a rough marriage had a transformational body. Always considered the ”fat one”, she didn’t seek to reduce so and so pounds to come harder on her ex-husband.

  “I want to get it together, I want to change everything, I want to change how I look and feel.”


A broken heart is a void- a wound which needs to be watered into every day. And now that no one is there to do that, we gotta do it ourselves. So we work out, indulge in self-pampering, go out, meet people, bag exciting opportunities- because you know, we have to keep our minds off the same old love.

We become our own responsibility and of course, we seek change- desperately.

And hence, we start from our bodies.

A work-out session is after all the only time when we are not rambling onto past memories and are having a focused mind. Doing an exercise as we do the reps 1.2.3,  our mind is at nothingness. This time is the only time when we are working and catering to ‘ourselves’. How often do we do that in a day?

We might run around the world doing errands, keeping ourselves busy to never pause and give us the time to brood- yet, one moment of silence and we can break down. This is running away, not healing. Working out for our bodies translates into taking care of ourselves.

And then some adulation and appreciation from the world- it just makes us happy, appreciated and supported. It re-assures the love from the world we have been missing out all this while.


Isn’t this the whole point of self-care- and not just one booty-text from our ex.

 Also, as rebounds go, your own body is a keeper!

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