Over 100 Women Pose Nude In The US To Protest Against Donald Trump

In a creative way to “blend art and politics” more than a hundred women stripped and posed naked in Cleveland, USA.


Answering a photographers call to portray presidential candidate Donald Trump “unfit for the White House”, many women posed nude with mirrors on the eve of the Republican National Convention.

On July 18 Trump will be anointed as Republican party’s nominee for president after winning the primary race.

Photographer Spencer Tunick got about 130 volunteers who took part in the shoot. Around 100 of them will now be featured in the picture that is to be unveiled shortly before November 8 election.


File Photo of Photographer Getty

File Photo of Photographer Spencer Tunick. Getty

The protest has been entitled “Everything She Says Means Everything,” and the photo art will feature women of all shapes, colors and sizes holding up mirrors toward the arena.


Tunick called it his “most political shoot ever” as he felt compelled to take action. He said “just voting against Trump, was not enough”.

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