Five Women Jaipur Metro Drivers Are Changing Society’s Perception. Here’s How.

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2:25 pm 31 Jul, 2015

It was thought to be a male-dominated field, but these women are slowly changing that perception. Out of 24 metro drivers in Jaipur Metro, five are women. BBC reports how they feel about their work and why they decided to do it:

Coming from a traditional family where women are not allowed to work, Kusum Kanwar, said:

“My life was shattered when two years ago I lost my husband in a road accident. The only thing I was worried about was future of my one-and-half-year-old child. After getting this job, I found new confidence within myself. I feel very happy when passengers applaud me for operating the metro.”


Bikaner girl, Jyoti Rani Khandewal, said:

“I am very happy that I am carrying forward my family’s tradition’s as my grandfather was a pilot and my father works in Railways. Women ask us about our job, how did I get in this department, which exam did I clear and all. I feel proud when I see other women are also aspiring for the job.”


Yogita Tiwari, whose father is a policeman, said:

“There is nothing that women can’t do. Once  a  girl said to me that she wants to be a metro driver. That felt wonderful.”


Monika Mittal, who wants to change people’s perception about women drivers, said:

“My brother use to mock me because I was a woman driver. He never let me drive a car. When he came and saw me driving a metro, he was surprised. In this profession, we have to be very careful about timings. Even at night, driving metro is convenient.”


Meena Soni, who has become quite popular in Jaipur, said:

“Many a times, women come and ask whether I am Meena Soni. They have started seeing us as their role model. Though people feel our work requires physical strength, it isn’t so. We were taught that security of passengers is foremost.”


The lives of women has certainly changed for the better with Jaipur Metro.


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