20 Awesome Reasons That Compel Women To Fall For Engineers

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12:00 pm 28 Jan, 2016

Whoever thought that engineers weren’t love material should double check their premises. Engineers can be pretty amazing lovers. They’re not just bookworms and desperate as perceived. They are innovative and really clever. With their witty ideas, any woman can fall flat, heart and soul for them.

So unless you hold some serious grudges against the breed of engineers, here’s a list of things that makes them extremely date-able:


1. They are a warehouse of talent; they can sing, play guitar, write, and even dance because most of them didn’t wish to be engineers anyway.


2. Flowers and chocolates are cliché; an engineer by default would do something out of the world to impress his girl.

Don’t be surprised if he builts an airplane!


3. Good engineers make outstanding money but they don’t brag about money; they don’t mind spoiling you with expensive gifts either.

It is the ideal combination, truly.


4. Engineers are exceptionally cool; they’ve done hell lot of crazy things in college and would do the same with you.

Get ready to be in crazy love with an engineer.


5. Buying a new laptop or cell phone? Your man is just a call away with his expertise give away for free.

Their knowledge about gadgets is pretty impressive.


6. He doesn’t mind hanging out with you, even if he has an exam the next morning.

They’ve experienced too much time crunch so this is nothing new.


7. They are good at getting things done at the last moment; they’ll always be by your side and help you wind up last minute assignments.

There is a reason for calling them ‘jugaadu’.


8. You’ll never need to call an electrician, plumber, handyman or a mechanic again. If it’s broken, remember you have an engineer at home.

He will be your ultimate HERO.


9. They are good at calculations. If you plan for a holiday, see how the numbers are sorted out in minutes.


10. They can be quite charming. After all, who knows better that charm works better than brains.

 At least with the girls.


11. They will never forget important dates, for they are so used to mugging up stuff.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and even the fights you’ve had, they’ll remember it all.


12. Engineers are by their degree proficient enough to get a job. Even if you are dating them young, money won’t come in the way.


13. Engineers are such good talkers. From gossip, to intellectual conversations they’ll always keep you company.


14. An engineer will make every effort to figure out how to make you cheerful.

That’s the kind of assignments they love most.


15. Best, they’re never obsessed over looks, for them it is a luxury to have women around.


16. It is very easy to impress engineers. If you can cook a simple sandwich, they will think you are a chef.

Now, that is amazing. Right, girls!


17. They understand the value of self time, and will grant you as much of it as you want.

They, in fact, will encourage you to go out with your friends.


18. They are devoted. It requires a lot of effort and mental strength to study for the same subjects again and again.

They will try to make things just perfect for you.


19. Having an engineer boyfriend will never make you feel insecure. They commit 100% to the relationships.


20. Engineers are for a long run relationship. They just can’t let you go if they love you.


So, have you got an engineer in your life already?


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