Here’s Why We Need Our Daughters To Read, Write And Learn

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4:17 pm 7 Sep, 2016

Has anyone ever thought why boys should be given an education? Then why is it that we are asked to justify the expenditure made on educating the ‘girl child?’ The reasons for this are deep rooted in our patriarchal society, where expenditure on girl’s education and marriage are thought to be an extra burden on the family’s income.
But the seeds of change have already been sown, and people do agree that women have equal rights as men. They can choose to carve their lives, as they wish. Apart from this, education for girls is indispensable for a prosperous society, Here’s how:


One of the core reason why women stay put in bad, abusive marriages is because they are financially dependent. Right from their parents’ house to her husband’s, Indian families never feel the need to treat a woman as an individual who needs to know how to earn her bread butter. Education gives her the independence and confidence to know what’s right and wrong.

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 It gives her POWER to resist “Violence” or “Bullying”

An educated woman knows when violence of any kind is unjustified and how to stand up and fight against it. Till the time women don’t know about their rights, the battle will always remain half won.

 end violence

Education brings AWARENESS

Education brings a sense of awareness about everything that is happening around her. Be it her own rights, are the rights of other women, educations empowers her to know there is a law to protect her at every step.

It increases her awareness about health and sanitation

It teaches her how to raise children more responsibly

An educated woman can decide whom she wants to marry

She will never wait for validation from others, particularly, men in her life.



It gives her CONFIDENCE and a sense of identity

Men always love watching a woman in her true blue confident self, but the truth is, they rarely give her the chance to be confident enough. Education brings a sense of confidence to not just stand on her two feet but pursue her passion. While men think women can only make them happy by giving up her individuality, in real world it triggers opposite emotions. How can she ever make anyone happy when she herself doesn’t know her worth?



It prepares her for life’s UNCERTAINTIES

Life is unpredictable. While Indian families like men to take over the financial responsibility, the truth is, nobody knows the certainty of future. There are plenty of examples how women found themselves helpless when their husband met with an accident or in some cases died. The responsibility of herself and her children with no means to support can be traumatic along with the emotional loss.


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It guides her better UNDERSTANDING

Education not just gives her the means to support but to also radically handle herself psychologically. Women are naturally very emotional and sensitive. Awareness of her environment and her surroundings along with the knowledge of stories from world far across enables her to create  a better understanding of herself and the people around her. It also saves her from depression which a majority of Indian women go through at one point in life. We don’t realize what’s normal and what’s not when we don’t have knowledge about it. Naturally, we cannot help ourselves.


It gives her a chance to LEAD and HELP others

When you’re educated you know the need to be educated. The only way we can make a place for ourselves in political, administrative and social establishments is by taking a stand to be there. Education gives one the qualification and the right to radically make a change in person. Women understand the issues of women like no man can ever. When women stand up and take a lead, they are indirectly inspiring and encouraging other women to follow suit.




Jyoti, a 12-year-old girl in Uttar Pradesh goes door to door to encourage families of the village to send their daughters to school. She holds ‘Bal Panchayat’ to keep a check on the condition of the school right from taking care of the meals, the water, the running tap or even the brittle walls of their classrooms. Even at 12, she understands that the reason she can’t name the profession she’d want to join in is because she’s too young. She knows that she’ll get a better understanding as she grows up learning more from her education.

The reason why Jyoti could be so confident in herself was not just her own determination, but also due to the support of her educated mother who now works as a sanitation worker. This indeed emphasizes how one woman affect the life of another who in turn can hold the capability to bring an era of change in multiple lives.



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