Once Naxalis, These Women Commandos Killed 2 Naxals In Chattisgarh

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9:52 am 25 Sep, 2016

A group of special squad of women commandos deployed deep inside jungles to undertake active and prolonged operations against Naxalites has killed 2 Naxalites in Kudur area of Bastar in Chattisgarh.

Surprisingly, these women commandos (Promila Kashyap, Phulo Markam and Kosi) were once Naxals, but they surrendered.

(From left Kosi, Phulo Markam and Promila Kashyap) dainikbhaskar

(From left Kosi, Phulo Markam and Promila Kashyap) dainikbhaskar

These three women were given training to undertake anti-Naxal operations in Maoist-infested states along with weapons training. According to one of them, they knew what would be the movement of Naxals.

Two days back, Naxalis had attacked a policy party in Kudur. In retaliation, a joint party of district police force, DRG and SAF, was sent in the jungle for the counter operation.



After the team spotted the Naxalis, an hour long gun battle ensued between them.

Following the encounter, the police party recovered the bodies of two Naxalis. Although they couldn’t be identified, they are believed to be from Vilas gang.

Out of three women commandos, the police have helped in getting Kosi married.

According to commando Promila, when they were Naxalis there was guilt in them and they have to hide everywhere. But now they feel proud over it.

In the last one year, the casualty figures on part of the Naxalites had been more as compared to security personnel in Chhattisgarh.

Now the security forces had been dominating the fight even as the operations in the red zone had intensified with Chief Minister Raman Singh declaring to make the state Naxal-free soon.

Material recovered from Naxalis dainikbhaskar

Material recovered from Naxalis dainikbhaskar

In 2014-15, 28 security personnel were killed as compared to 30 Naxalites during operations.

According to state’s acting home minister Ajay Chandrakar the security forces were moving deep inside the pockets that Naxalites once claimed to be their dominated zone. The forces had succeeded in putting the rebels on back foot.

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