Why So Many Women (And Men) Boycott Twitter For An Entire Day

7:20 pm 13 Oct, 2017

A 24-hour boycott of Twitter was called on Friday majorly by women across the world to voice their protest against Twitter’s unethical favoritism practices. This call for boycott comes after American actor Rose McGowan’s account was briefly suspended in the wake of her exposing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconducts.


Rose McGowan’s account was suspended by Twitter for allegedly violating its ‘terms and policies’. Time Magazine

McGowan’s account was briefly suspended by Twitter on the account of violation of its ‘terms and policies’.

McGowan has not only been voicing her support for the sexual abuse survivors in Hollywood but is also seemingly on a mission to expose the other sexual predators in Hollywood.

In a tweet published hours ago, the ‘Charmed’ star accused Weinstein of rape, an allegation the Hollywood produced coolly denied. It was also reported earlier that the actress had entered an undisclosed settlement with Weinstein post an incident that took place in a hotel room, which prevented her from discussing anything publicly.

Meanwhile, on being questioned regarding the suspension of McGowan’s account, Twitter tried its best to mitigate it as violation of someone’s privacy on McGowan’s part.

However, Twitter’s explanation was not accepted by many, who pointed loopholes in Twitter’s dealing with similar issues in the past.

This prompted many other men and women to join in against the hypocrisy of the social media unit.

The hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter is currently trending across social media platforms though some women feel that more than boycotting Twitter, the need of the hour remains to let their voices be heard.

In India, among the prominent persons, who are supporting the boycott is the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah:

Interestingly enough, the so-called “liberal-seculars”, who speak against even the smallest discrepancy created by Trump, have chose to remain mum on Weinstein’s atrocities. For them and everyone who doubt McGowan and other actress’ allegations of sexual molestation against Weinstein, here’s an audio clipping:

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