Relief For People! Withdrawal Limit Extended To Rs.2500 And Exchange Limit to Rs.4500

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11:30 pm 13 Nov, 2016

Finally, providing relief to common who have to stand in long queues to get the new currency, the government has advised Bank to increase the withdrawal limit to Rs 2500 per day and exchange limit to Rs. 4500.

Earlier, one could withdraw Rs. 2000 from ATM and exchange upto Rs. 4000 from the banks. The weekly limit has also been extended to Rs.24,000 from Rs.20,000.



Further, the government has asked people to make a  complaint to the concerned District Magistrates if hospitals, caterers and other are not accepting cheques and online payment transfer.

Just like Assam government, which has arranged a Mobile Banking Vans at hospitals, all banks have been advised by the government to do so to help customers make emergency banking transaction. Also, banks have been asked to have separate queues for senior citizens and disabled.

In the review meeting by the Finance Ministry, Chief Secretaries of the States have been requested to identify the rural pockets and ensure that they get support from Banks and Post Offices regarding availability of cash.

Meanwhile, Rs. 500 denomination new currency has been dispatched to the Reserve Bank of India.

“The Currency Note Press (CNP), Nashik, has already sent the first consignment of five million pieces of the new Rs 500 note and another five million pieces are to be dispatched by Wednesday,” an official told TOI.



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