14 Reasons Why You Must Cry And Let Go Of Grief

7:00 pm 30 May, 2015

One must never bury their feelings. It is psychologically proven that it’s not good for health and causes mental stress. Moreover, it’s better to just cry and vent out as it truly feels a lot better afterwards. So here’re 14 reasons why you must cry and vent out.

1. Never bury your feelings.

When we choose to bury our feelings, we act differently. We might not realize it but people around us surely notice it. Whereas, when you express your feelings in an appropriate manner, problems and relationship issues get solved and life becomes a lot easier and happier.


2. Expressing your pain is actually a good way to make it stop.

By letting those tears flow you are actually letting the things that hurt you go out and make more space for positive thoughts and what’s more, you feel a lot lot better after you cry your heart out.


3. Feelings are natural!

For those who doubt, it’s a human tendency to have feelings and there’s nothing wrong in expressing it in the right way. Stereotypes dictate that men shouldn’t cry, but they are humans too. They have the right to cry and let out their pain without any regrets.


4. Pain is a feeling.

Pain is a feeling and a feeling is meant to be expressed. Expression and feelings go hand in hand, and they both can’t, and shouldn’t, exist without each other.


5. Relieves mental stress.

Crying your heart out is a trick to calm down the anxiety building inside you and relieving stress and tension.


6. You just can’t keep the pain inside you all your life.


7. You live only once. Make the most of it. Get a friend, relative or your dog’s shoulder and cry out loud. No one is judging you.


8. The sadness, or the reason why you are depressed, will not bother you anymore once you let go of your grief.


9. Crying doesn’t make you weak; it shows that you are powerful enough to release your feelings.


10. Your girl will melt if you cry in front of her.

It will make her love you more because you expressed your feelings and shared it with her, which is imperative in relationships.


11. Crying will help you move on.


12. Pain or grief not released will eat you from the inside, which might lead to depression and, in the worst case, death.


13. Life is short, moments are shorter. Live every moment at your fullest.

Don’t let anything disturb you. If it does, let it out in form of tears.


14. Pity yourself, cry alone or tell someone you trust but never never get stuck at one place.


Move on because that is all life is about.


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