12 Reasons Why Indians Love Big Celebrations

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10:00 am 16 Sep, 2015

We just love to celebrate, be it a big occasion or small. In fact, we find reasons to celebrate or have a get together. And we are not ready to compromise with less. All our celebrations need to be planned in a grand way so that we enjoy and everyone else does too. There is hardly an Indian who doesn’t enjoy such grandeur. But if you are that exception who doesn’t, you are missing a lot of fun.

This post is dedicated to all of us who love to enjoy and spread that virus everywhere. Cheers to our self made source of entertainment.

1. Because there is food.

You can say that the reason to celebrate is food or because there is food it is a celebration.

2. If it isn’t a grand celebration what will people say?

We do care about what even the nukkadwala will say.

3. Because it has people we love.

More than anything it is the relationships that build us. So be it as simple a reason as ‘getting your driver’s license’, it is a good one to call for celebrations.

4. It is great way to connect with friends and relatives.

We just love to meet loved ones, after all they are the true reason for a celebration being grand.

5. Because someone in your family celebrated impressively.

Comparisons! We just don’t want to lower the standard of how an occasion was celebrated in our group.

6. There are many occasions to celebrate.

Marriages, birthday parties, anniversaries, retirement party – you name it and we celebrate it.

7. You find new people you can connect with.

It is definitely an effective match-making destination.

8. It is the time to buy clothes and flaunt it.

We want a dress for each occasion and attending a celebration wearing old clothes? Not cool, right!

9. We love festivals.

What can be a great way to celebrate festivals, with pomp and gaiety.

10. Music runs in our blood.

A celebration without the DJ is boring for us. This is the moment we practice our dance moves for.

11. It is the best getaway.

Believe it or not, a celebration breaks the monotony and awakens the free spirited person in us.

12. Because we cherish life.

We prefer to live each moment as if it was our last.


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