9 Reasons Why Girls Love Men With Clean Shaven Faces

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10:00 am 27 Jan, 2016

Many men believe that growing a beard will make women think they’re more serious and intelligent. However, a recent study revealed that woman love men with a clean shaven look. Here are some reasons why:


1. Your girlfriend will not get prickled by your beard while kissing you.


2. Stubble doesn’t suit everyone! Every man can pull off the clean shaven look with ease.


3. It is still not a universal rule but a majority of woman find clean shaven men more attractive, responsible, and trustworthy.


4. The grooming problem eventually comes to an end with a clean shaven look.


5. Men with clean shaven faces look younger than their bearded counterparts.


 6.  A beardless face looks great with suits or in complete formals.

His clean shave look allows for a more acute confidence.


7. A wild and hairy look can come across as more aggressive.

If your man is clean shaven, he is certainly down to earth and also straight forward by his nature.


8. Men with shaved faces are very confident about their looks!

They are not dependent on a mustache to enhance their look.


9. A clean shaven face is supposed to be more sexually attractive.


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