16 Reasons Why Firangs Are Worth Dating

6:00 pm 15 Jun, 2015

Before you lose your temper and turn into a nationalist protector of the country, let me tell you that I do take my pledge seriously. And I have just one rule – never date siblings.

Firangs (the Indian term for foreigners) are a mysterious breed in the eyes of common Indians. Yes, if you date them, you’ll face the wrath of your family and of the society. But at the end, you’ll know that it’s all worth it.

Here’s why you may go on a date with a foreigner without any worry:

1. Well, firangs are basically more romantic than us Indians.

Ah, yeah. As sad as I feel about this, this is absolutely true. That’s because our idols are ‘Shakti Kapoor’ and ‘Ranjeet’. And ‘Porn’ is one of the most searched words on Google in India.


2. Umm, they care a damn about the ‘unimportant’ people of the society, and well, we couldn’t agree with them more.

Society…ki maa ki aankh. And, well, who wouldn’t love to have such a partner?


3. You could always be their tour guide and they could be yours.

One less expense when you visit your respective partner’s country. YAY! Already doing budget rationing.


4. You have the best of the best reasons to travel the world.

And who in this world doesn’t love to travel?


5. Well, PDA is always on the cards.

Ahem, ahem! As much as we don’t like people doing it on the streets, you’ll absolutely love being at the other end.


6. You both will never run out of topics to talk about, just talk about each other. On and on and on.

Just talk about yourself, your cultures, religion, and family and by the time you’ll know, you are more than a year into the relationship. YAY.


7. You can always await amazing foreign gifts.

If not anything else, chocolate is a compulsion. Guaranteed.


8. That’s your best guide to learning a new culture.

Umm yeah, the ‘western culture.’ And beware, you going to absolutely love that.


9. Running into your exes? Naah. Tension free.

After you’ll part ways, you never going to bump into each other coz you’ll stay far across the borders.


10. Though not a ‘major’ reason, citizenship is always at the back of your mind, isn’t it?

Umm, you may have not thought about the kids yet, but citizenship? Definitely.


11. They are good in bed.

Need I elaborate?


12. They are the ‘key’ to tasting amazing, exotic cuisines.

They’re pretty good at cooking as they mostly stay away from their family. So they’ll definitely know something tasty to cook.


13. You both can say I love you in your mother tongues.

“Je t’aime”. Humko tumse pyaar hai.


14. They are so cool! Your friends will totally love them.


15. They are not over protective or close minded. They keep you free!


16. They are so hot you can’t even deny.

Spotless skin, brown beard, well maintained physique and of course that golden hair. *Faints*


Okay, so that’s why I think you should date foreigners. Any other reasons? Write them in comments!


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