This Is Why 180 Families Of Saharanpur Adopted Buddhism

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11:53 am 19 May, 2017

Bhim army has gained a lot of popularity in Saharanpur ever since it was accused of inciting riots in the city. The people have alleged that the accusations are a police conspiracy to defame them.


Enraged over the allegations of sparking riots in the city and accusing police of harassing them intentionally, 180 families of villages Rupari, Igri and Kapurpur of Saharanpur have collectively adopted Buddhism. As a gesture of giving up Hinduism, they immersed idols, pictures and calendars of Hindu gods in river water.


Some police officers reached the spot and tried to convince the Dalits but all their efforts were futile.

Dalit villagers have submitted to the police in writing that they do not consider Hinduism safe for them. In fact, they have warned the police to release all the arrested members of Bhim army, else all the Dalits of the entire district will renounce Hinduism and adopt Buddhism.


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