The Real Reason Behind Why Facebook India MD Is Stepping Down

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6:18 pm 14 Feb, 2016

Facebook India’s managing director Kirthiga Reddy recently announced that she is stepping down from the position and that she would soon be moving back to the US.

The news came just a day after Facebook decided to shut down its ambitious Free Basics Services in India and said they would be pulling it out of the country.


The timing of Reddy’s resignation thus sent many speculating that the reason for her to quit, has got something to do with the failure of Facebook’s Free Basics programme in India.


Soon after the news spread the social media giant sent out an official statement denying any relation between Reddy’s departure and the failure of Free Basics. It said that she was not involved in Free Basics in any way.
The statement also pointed out that her move was planned earlier. It read:

“As she had planned for some time, Kirthiga Reddy is moving back to the US to work with the teams in Headquarters. We are extremely proud of the work she has done to grow our global sales business in India. During her time in India, Kirthiga was not involved in our Free Basic Services efforts.”

Reddy is expected to head back to the US in next 6-12 months and will join back the Facebook headquarters there. Reddy had sent out a post announcing her move and said:


Facebook had announced to shut down its Free Basics in India earlier this week. The announcement had come just days after Telecom Regulator of in India, TRAI, had restricted telecom operators from charging differential rates for internet based on the content they visited.



Getty Protesters in Bangalore 

Though Facebook always promoted Free Basics as a programme aimed at providing basic Internet access all across India, it is the partnership with telecom operators that had critics from all across India slamming it and stating that they violated the principle of net neutrality with their initiative.
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