Want To Know Why Your Extended Family Is Amazing Sometimes? Here Are 12 Reasons

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5:00 pm 15 Jul, 2015

You ignored them often and prayed for their visit to end. While growing up all of us had gone through this same feeling. It is with time that you finally ‘get along’ with your extended family and then there is no looking back. Sometimes you look at them as outsiders but at other times you consider them a family much like yours. Sometimes they are hurtful and at other times they are appreciative of you.

Here are a couple of reasons when you definitely felt it’s great to have them around.

1. When you want support to marry a girl/boy of your choice.


2. They are a bliss while raising your little ones.


3. They connect you to your roots.

Instilling the cultural and traditional values.


4. They can tackle your family issues as they have known your parents longer than you have.


5. At time of major loss, they can offer extreme support.


6. You can look up to your extended family for role models.


7. Their presence ensures financial stability, as a result of multiple working professionals.


8. They celebrate your family occasion like it was theirs.


9. Your problems get more or less sorted on sharing with them.


10. The best part! You get so many cousins who are nothing less than your siblings.


11. The presence of an extended family makes one more grounded.

As you respect elders and respect your values.


12. They are your great ‘hangout’ partners.

You rarely need to find company elsewhere.



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