13 Reasons Why Every Guy Should Get Married

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10:00 am 19 Nov, 2015

All the bachelor guys think, “Marriage is just for suckers” and married men appeared more or less like a dying breed. But on the other side, a married man always takes the joke on marriage with a smile, as they know marriage is a good thing and being married is way better than living life ‘single’.


1. It is only after marriage that you fall in love again and again with the same person and you’re still happy to be in love.


2. After getting married, a man becomes more mature as it brings a sense of responsibility not only towards the spouse but also himself.


3. It is always awesome to know that you have that one person who will always stand besides you to hold you, hug you, and kiss you.


4. Marriage is an emotional and ethical bond of love and respect towards each other.


5. As social creatures, you have been in various groups where you shared your joy and sorrows. But marriage offers the best partnership – sharing your life with that special someone.


6. There comes a time when you understand that materialistic happiness is not enough in life.


7. Marriage adds meaning to life! You get to grow along with someone else.


8. You will realize the happiness of spending time with someone who means the world to you.


9. Marriage is the only tradition where you share a lifelong commitment with your partner.


10. Because marriage is the most important stage in life and that’ll be worth the ride.


11. Marriage can help you afford things which you could never afford alone.

It means you are financially more secure after marriage.


12. Parents feel reassured about your future life after your marriage.


13. Even though you do not voice it, but all your achievements feel empty without that special someone.

Marriage makes you feel complete, satisfied and happy.



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